Friday, June 30, 2006


Saw this in my inbox, ironically informed by people in Berkeley.

New Balance REAL RUN 2006
Date: 20 August 2006, Sunday
Venue: Sentosa, Gateway Carpark
Flag-off: 7.30am
Registration Ends: 30 July 2006

Wanna join? Wanna join?

Or maybe I should see how I fare for my 10-km Shape Run. Mmm. Shouldn't be easy running on sand.

Anyhoo, Germany vs. Argentina!!!

I am bursting with anticipation.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gee Whee

I am at the prime of my jinxedness. For Italy vs. Australia, I supported the Roos and they were cruelly sent home with an undeserved penalty. For Brazil vs. Ghana, I supported the underdogs and god, did they miss the many opportunities they were bestowed.

Oh well, some sympathetic souls comforted, Italy and Brazil are afterall, quite the hot favorites, compared to Australia and Ghana - the noobs in the domain of World Cup.

Right. So what could go wrong by supporting the Spanish in the game of the team of French has-beens?

Apparently, anything. As long as I am rooting for the team, it has better beware. Look at the darn results.

Maybe I should start rooting for Italy. Hmm.

Anyhoo, I was flipping the Straits Times for match schedule when I saw the program on the usual listing slot for today. It says: Get some sleep.

For tomorrow, the program says: Say "Hi" to the people you have been ignoring since the start of World Cup.

Funny, these people at the Straits Times.

But hey. Hi!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Italy so does not deserve to go into the next round. Stupid referee! Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I'm pissed!

I'm against Italy now!!! GRR!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

I Am Trying To Recall

I think I am kinda ageing and my brain is slowly filtering information from my overloaded capacity. Sometimes, I can't quite remember what I did the day before. Hmm. Temporary lapses of amnesia. Don't borrow money from me ah. Later I cannot remember okay.

After the dinner at Lemongrass last Monday, I arrived home to realize my Dad has purchased loads of durians. Feeling satiated from all the Thai food, I still managed to jam a few seeds of the creamy delicacy down my throat while watching hunks scuttling around for a ball.

Tuesday evening was spent playing tennis with Clarence and his friend at PGP. The session lasted 3 hours and by the end of it, I was thoroughly spent and suffering from aching muscles I didn't even know existed.

On Wednesday, my xiaoyi called me up to arrange a dinner with my cousin, Michelle because the latter was supposed to go for an operation to remove a growth from her neck. Since she won't be able to consume good foor a some time after the operation, she was entitled to a good meal at whatever restaurant she wanted. Yet, she chose Spagheddies. Ew.

I don't quite like Spagheddies' pasta. Bleah.

The jovial girl before her operation, and my xiaoyi

We made jokes regarding how Michelle should refrain from coughing and sneezing after her operation in case blood started spurting out from her stitches. Very morbid, I know.

On Thursday, I met up with my university pals to visit the rather newly minted La Strada Pizzeria and Ristorante opened by the Les Amies group which operates a chain of fine-dining restaurants. Utilizing the 1-for-1 pizza voucher my Daddy bestowed me, we ordered a Hawaiian Pizza and a Seafood pizza. Mmm, the pizzas were pure gastronomical indulgences! The Seafood pizza was generous in toppings of scallops, prawns and squids. I like the ever-popular Hawaiian too. We ordered the dessert pizza of Belgian Chocolate and Banana, and boy, was it good! The waiters were very meticulous and I think they are the same ones who were trained to serve in The Canteen which was shut down to make way for this Pizzeria. Although the customers were rather high-browed, I think we got a very value-for-money meal, thanks to Daddy's voucher. The total came up to only about 11 buckeroos per person. When I get the photographs from my friend, I will post the pizza pictures to make you all salivate. Muhahaha.

I called my Dad to pick me up after the tantalizing meal...

Dad:I buying durian leh.
Me: Not again!?!
Dad: Mummy wants to eat.
Me: Oh, okay.

Soon after, my mum called.

Me: Papa buying durians.
Mum: Again?!
Me: He says you want to eat one.
Mum: Where got?!

Subsequently, my dad picked me up.

Me: Mummy said she didn't request for durians.
Dad: Oh, must be kor kor.
Me: ..

Back home, my brother and his pal were awaiting the start of a World Cup match when my dad announced the arrival of prickly fruits.

Bro: Durians again?!
Me: I thought you want to eat, then Papa buy.
Bro: Where got?!

Right, so, the blame-shifting on the elusive one-who-wants-to-eat-durians. I highly suspect it is my Dad himself who wants to gorge himself silly with the fruit but is guilty about the high-cholestral content. Bah.

Friday evening was spent visiting my poor cousin post-operation, after my very satisfying home-cooked dinner of delightful chilli crabs (Mopping the gravy with home-baked mantous is the perfect gluttony luxury.. ahh..).

Poor baby. She kept puking despite not having eaten anything. I have no idea what she was vomitting, perhaps gastric juices? She spoke in whispers, which is quite a miracle, considering her usual loud, brash, ah-lian mannerisms. Hee hee. I hung around to help until the doctor came and helped her settle into sleep.

Finally, I left to join my friends at Timbre where we caught Spain vs Saudi Arabia Match. It was quite a bore. Zzz.

The Girls

The Boys

The Band

Oo, I like the Timbre band on Friday. They played the Rock hits and got me listening to my U2 and Goo Goo Doll tracks on my iPod Mini once more. Oh, and it seemed like a massive gathering of NJCians of 1997 in Timbre on that particular night. It is rather surreal, witnessing the transformations in people.

Saturday afternoon was spent playing games at Settlers Cafe with otterboy and his friends. I forgot to bring a camera, which is an utter waste, because the funny poses and sculpted plasticine from the game Cranium would make perfect comedic illustrations.

After the games, I decided to go home for a run. Too much food in a week, I must say. Completing approximately 8-km, I arrived home to watch Germany thrashed the poor Swedes. No more Fredick Ljunberg! :(

I awoke early Sunday morning to bring Mister Toto to Sentosa with my mum and Lina. We were having fun until the dark clouds arrived and it started pouring madly. Sheesh!

The rain finally stopped during the late afternoon, so I decided to accept a friend's invitation to cycle at East Coast.

We cycled leisurely, happily oblivious to the time ticking away. When Candice suddenly announced we had about 20 minutes to cycle back to the kiosk, panic mode sunk in and we both cycled like women gone berserk.

After shopping and food, the weekend was almost gone.

Oh, and I can't quite feel my legs.


I think the English team is kinda over-rated, over-hyped and nothing really much to cheer about. Yawn. Germany, on the other hand, is much more skillful. Well, but England won anyway.

What a looong Sunday.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Positively Hilarious

Oo, the powers of Internet. Now, besides shannon's Chester boy, I have discovered yet, another border collie online! He is such a handsome dude. Plus, he has the most hilarious pictures that will positively light up your day.

Click here.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


As early as the start of the week, girl pals began sneaking information about a sale at the ever-popular Mango stores. I am not one of those who will rouse myself up to queue for the opening of shops at ungodly hour just to rummage through the stuff and get shoved around, but apparently, there are real hard-core people who will do just that. My brother's girlfriend was one of those and she was waxing lyrical about how wonderful the finds were. I am jealous. However, I am just such a lazy ass. Sleep more important, eh?

Anyway, the shoppers at Mango sales can be jaw-droppingly amazing. It is as if they are braced for war. They are well-prepared, well-strategized, well-organized. They come with allies and work with plans. They are dressed appropriately to facilitate the process of fitting. If there is ever a war initated by a women, men have better beware.

So, being utterly broke with the horrid spending at the start of GSS, I decided to boycott the Mango Madness. When I was supposed to meet my cousin for dinner, I decided Heeren was a very safe place indeed. No Mango outlets in Heeren, yeah?

Even when my mum wanted to purchase items from the book store in Orchard MRT, I chose to walk the route outside, instead of inside the shopping malls. In that way, I will bypass all Mango outlets.

Alas, my flesh is weak.

Heeren got no Mango, but there is a Swatch shop! I ended up buying a ring I have eyed for some time from the Swatch Bjoux Collection.

Bloody hell. Next time want to meet, meet in Tuas okay?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whee Wheet!

I woke up from bed today, feeling like the world's most enormous slug. My calves are aching, my fingers are blistered, my toes feel like they are going to drop off anytime. No thanks to the 3-hour session of tennis the night before. I had to literally drag my exhausted body out of bed and shamble my way to school.

Just when I thought it was the start of another bad day, my friend who met me for lunch teased gleefully.

"Look what's on my finger?"

For a split second, I was blinded sia. My eyes! My eyes!

What set on her engagement ring finger was a huge-ass dazzle of a sparkly stone. I was speechless with surprise. One of my girl pals is entering missushood! Ultimate coolness.

Me: Oh my god, he proposed!!!
Her: Hee hee!

After she described the proposal process, she quipped "Eh, so you will be my jie mei okay?"

WHEE HEE HEE! I can't wait. I have always wanted to be within the troop of jie meis because I have a thousand and one schemes brewing in my brain on how to torture the groom. I am quite the sadist.

*Evil glint*

Monday, June 19, 2006

Trigger Happy on Dad's Birthday

Have I ever revealed the one thing I love about my Dad?

Psst... It is the fact that he was born on 17th of June. Very often, this date means it coincides with the Father's Day celebration.

That, my friend, means my brother and I are saved from a heck of a headache, grinding our overworked brains in thinking up gift ideas. Basically, we only need to combine Dad's Birthday and Father's Day in one big celebration annually. Woohoo! Are we lucky or what? (Of course, there are luckier people like Sandy, whose parents' birthdays fall near Mother's day and Father's day correspondingly. That lucky dudette.)

Anyhoo, we are quite a family of gluttons. We celebrate each birthday, gorging ourselves silly, over-ordering each. single. time. We never learn. It is in our blood. We just keep eating. Gee.

This time, it is Thai Cuisine. Say Sawadeeka to new flabs!

Some before-damage-was-done pictures. If you observe carefully, perhaps you can see us all much chubbier in the after-damage-was-done pictures. Hmm.

The service was quite swift at Lemongrass. The food arrived in less than 10 minutes.

Burp. The food was gone in less than half an hour. We decided to sit around and play with the camera.

A customary family portrait...

My mum, who was ever insistent on mastering my camera (to no avail), wanted to take a picture of my brother and me. Oo, just look at her masterpiece.

Very nice, mum - we scorned. My brother patiently took the camera from her hands to demonstrate, secretly taking a snap at my mother who was curiously looking. Here is a picture of her looking like a sheepish Miss Lala, courtesy of my brother.

My brother stifled a snigger as my never-say-die mother grabbed the camera to try again.

Wah lao, I said. Give up already lah. I took the camera from my mum's hands and gave a step-by-step demonstration, capturing a shot of my mum who was obstinately persisting in her attempts.

Classic shot sia. Doesn't the picture say a thousand words? Nah, basically, it just says "Hmpf, let me show you my power."

Unbeknownst to her, both my brother and I were snickering evilly, comparing whose shot of mummy dearest was more hilarious. Children. Tsk. They can be so evil, can't they?

But hey, practice makes perfect.

Finally, a stable shot.

Hooray for Mummy.

Since there were no worthy World Cup matches to catch tonight, we lounged around lazily, before finally deciding to head home. Just when they thought they were safe from my camera, I took candid shots of individuals in the lift.

Bo bian lah. The lift in Heeren was too slow. I was bored.

Happy Belated Birthday, Dad. :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Soccer Party!

Since some of my friends are not equipped with Starhub monopolistic screening of World Cup 2006, I decided to organize a haphazard gathering at my house to catch the Saturday matches.

We had quite a feast prepared - potato skins, french fries, chips, chocolate fondue, tray of strawberries, apples and marshmallows, beer and drinks all round.

Candice was the candle-lady of the night. Although she intended to cook some prawn with bacon thingy, somehow it didn't materialize! Instead, she lounged around the sofas, taking captive all the available cushions, as you can see below. Tsk, Tsk.

Soon, the guests started arriving. There was Cynthia, the face of Pokka green tea and her friend Lloyd.

Clarence, arrived after his grandmother's birthday dinner and spent much of his time fondling Mister Toto, much to my suspicious displeasure.

Oh, right, not to forget the last guest...

Lloyd had betted on Ghana but I was rooting for Czech Republic. See, my jinxed powers at work once more. Darn, it was a night of upset matches.

In between half-times, we played dai-dee and taboo, and we ate some more. No, what I meant is - I ate some more. I just kept eating. I must have put on a kilogram or more. Sheesh.

Some of the guests left at 2+ am, after the Czech-Ghana upset, leaving the few of us to survive the 3am Italy-USA onslaught. Mostly, only Clarence and I caught the entire match. Candice and Sandy fell asleep after commenting that the majority of the players looked much better in this match. Wahahahaha. Funny shite.

Anyway, Italy drew with USA 1-1. Woohoo! I was rooting for USA. Looks like my jinxed prowess has been slightly reduced. I'm sorry, folks. Stop asking me to jinx the teams you are not rooting for!

I roused the girls up after the match finally ended at about 5 to go to bed. We woke up this morning for some brunch, cartoons, before finally embarking on a short trek in Kent Ridge Park.

Toto is a lucky bastard, surrounded by two babes.

Over looking the canopies...

For more pictures, click here.

On the sadder news, Japan is as good as out. But Kawaguchi had a good game! He's the man!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Most Bizzare and Funniest Shite

As you all know, I am beginning to take my jinxedness in all seriousness. You all have seen from these previous experiences, I am apparently no four-leaf clover nor rabbit's foot. In order to disprove my jinxedness, I have taken to supporting the strongest teams I have observed in the matches like Brazil, Germany and Czech Republic.

England was the obvious choice in tonight's England vs. Trinidad match. In fact, they had so many opportunities. Why on earth did they not get any in is really beyond me.

Accordingly, my MSN nick message reads - "God save the queen!" - like the national anthem of the United Kingdom.

10 minutes left to the game, I grew a little desperate at the lack of goals. So was my brother Alan, since he presumably bet quite a sum...

Alan says:
u go support trinidad la
Alan says:
go support
Alan says:
if not they wont win sia
lost duckie says:
but but
lost duckie says:
inside my heart, i am supporting england ma
Alan says:
no need
Alan says:
they win liao u can support them later

England almost scored again.

lost duckie says:
wah lao
lost duckie says:
see see!
lost duckie says:
they no luck
Alan says:
u don change they wont score la
lost duckie says:
ok i change 5 min

I changed my nickname message to "Trinidad!" Almost immediately, England almost scored.

Alan says:
u see
Alan says:
Alan says:
lost duckie says:

Few minutes later, Crouch really scored. WTF!

lost duckie says:
omg omg
lost duckie says:
i'm jinxed
Alan says:
Alan says:
lost duckie says:
wtf wtf!!!!!!!
Alan says:
i told u
Alan says:
lost duckie says:
Alan says:
stick yor nick
lost duckie says:
damn funny!!!!!!!!!
Alan says:
Alan says:
if not they will equalise

For that brief moment of celebratory mode, I changed my nick to "God save the queen" once more, much to Alan's disapproval.

Alan says:
Alan says:
lost duckie says:
wah lao
lost duckie says:
against my wishes
lost duckie says:
kena threatened
Alan says:
u don change nevermind
Alan says:
later 1-1 u don sad ok
lost duckie says:
i change liao
Alan says:
must just now that one mah
Alan says:
swee swee

Fine. I changed to "Trinidad!!! Trinidad!!! Ole! Ole" for the extra ooomph.

Alan says:
Alan says:
2-0 liao u see
Alan says:
last min
lost duckie says:
Alan says:
Alan says:
Alan says:
lost duckie says:
bloody hell!
Alan says:
u see
Alan says:
sure 2-0
Alan says:
Alan says:
wah ure this nick got chance 3-0 liao

Whaddaya know. Gerrard really scored!

lost duckie says:
lost duckie says:
lost duckie says:
Alan says:
see mei
Alan says:
i love u soooooooo much
Alan says:
lost duckie says:
lost duckie says:
omg omg
Alan says:
muacks muacks muacks
Alan says:
u help me save $240 loss
Alan says:
Alan says:
thanks darling mei
Alan says:
Alan says:
muacks muacks
Alan says:
lost duckie says:
Alan says:
don change ure nick yet mui
lost duckie says:
thank me for my jinxed ness
Alan says:
lost duckie says:
lost duckie says:
almost 2-1
Alan says:
see mei
Alan says:
don change
Alan says:
i beg u
Alan says:
i love u
lost duckie says:
i never change leh
Alan says:
don change
Alan says:

OMG. Maybe I should just start cashing in on my jinxedness.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Life is Unpredictable

I was shakened to read the front page news of the Home Section this morning. A 24 year old jogger was apparently killed in a hit-and-run accident within my neighborhood on Tuesday night. He was running at about 10 plus, which is the usual time I begin my running routine. In fact, I am certain we have crossed paths since not many people jog around that time. In addition, I did run on Tuesday night, albeit at an earlier time than usual, around eightish because I wanted to catch the World Cup match.

Sigh. What melancholy news. :(

My parents, who are perpetually nagging at the hazards of running at those late hours are going to be even more paranoid now.

Oh well.

On a slightly lighter note, I arrived home yesterday to a pleasant surprise.

A package!

Woo, I absolutely love receiving packages. Especially ones from abroad! Ain't the packaging pretty? Must be the Godiva Chocolates I am promised, I thought eagerly.

Tearing the paper cautiously, I discovered the contents were...

Green Tea Kit Kat and Salmon Jerky!


Like I mentioned on MSN, next time you ask me for abalone, be prepared to receive er... a can of button mushrooms instead. Although the Green Tea Kit Kat felt utterly mashed and wrecked, it still feels good to receive a gift from somewhere far, far away. I can almost smell the summer Berkeley air from within. Heh. So Gracias, Amigo!

Anyhoo, I brought my domestic helper, Lina, and my mum to watch Cars last night. Have I ever mentioned how I absolutely adore Pixar? My mum fell asleep and wasted my 7 buckeroos. I think Lina had a good time, though.

My favorite character of the film is ...


He is the one on the right. Oh, and I don't even think he qualifies as a car. But hey, I do think he is actually the very under-rated hero of the show. Lightning Mcqueen is too flashy lah. I don't like heroes that are so in-your-face.

After the movie, I caught up with Alan over half-boiled eggs and kaya toast to discuss his relationship issues. Aiyar, that is the problem with relationships. When you have it, you have problems. When you don't have it, you have problems too. Oh, us befuddled mortals!

Damn the teh peng which caused me to toss and turn the entire night before I finally succumb to a very restless nap near dawn.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Forties, Me?

Amos has kindly signed me up for Google Analytics in his boredom. And look what interesting trivia it yields. Someone googled for "women+forties" and got my blog.

Hello! Whoever you are, come back two decades later, thank you very much.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I am sitting very comfortably on a funky sofa in the campus central library, with my laptop snug on my lap (er, duh). I have a sky-high pile of books calling for my attention and yet, I diverted my precious engrossment span looking at the photographs that were taken with Shuling's camera last Friday.

I joined a few of my JC pals at Rouge, which was holding some kind of NTU Alumni Party. Eh hello, the majority of us were from NUS and I am still in NUS lor. Later, kena beaten up, how?

Ha, ha. We left after a while, in search for live-band music, ending up at Indochine's Nu Bar again. Besides live-band music, the bar set up a few plasma TV sets for screening the World Cup's opening match between Germany and Costa Rica. We didn't plan on catching the game, but it was sufficiently exciting to engage us. Alot of goals, you know.

What's more, whenever the match went into a lull, all we had to do was to tilt our heads to the live-band section where a few ang mohs were madly dancing. Their moves were supremely hilarious.

Eugene acts retarded, for reasons not known.

Eugene acts depressed, because he is afraid of being beaten up. Ha. Ha.

Shuling and I do not indulge in acting.

Minghua steals a bite.

Watching the match. DND.

All righty, back to books.

Oh dang. Almost forgot.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OTTERBOY! Go give the boy some love and tell him being 23 is not ancient at all.

Monday, June 12, 2006


3 goals in last 10 minutes...

Can someone please kill me?

I am so jinxed.

Useless Trivia of the Night

So, no prizes for guessing why my favorite numbers are 7 and 23.

Coincidentally, my favorite players in the Japan team tonight are 7 (Nakata!) and 23(Kawaguchi) respectively.

My junior college friends would remember how fascinated was with the boyish-looking goal-keeper. Wah lao, 8 years ago can. I remembered being upset in the last World Cup because he was the second-choice goalkeeper.

Eh, I also heard Beckham's favorite numbers are 7 and 23. But I don't like Beckham leh.

Playing Mother to Mum

A month ago, my mother decided to take up a job to kill her time. My mum is the kind of person who needs to have something to occupy her time constantly. Ever since she retired from her job, she would busy herself making everything from bah zhang to dumplings and making phone calls to me several times in the day. I was understandably pleased when she finally decided to take up the job.

However, the colleagues at her new job were mean to her. At first, I was in disbelief. How can middle-aged women act like juveniles? The age of bullying should have expired, shouldn't it?

Apparently not. The mean colleague locked my mum out of the office, rudely declined my mother's offering of baked goodies, refused to allocate work to my mum and made snide remarks when my mum surfed the web because she had nothing to do.

Mean Woman: Click, click, click. Whole day click click click.
Mum: ...
Mean Woman: Don't know what you clicking.
Mum: I don't have anything to do. Why don't you let me help?
Mean Woman: My work is my work. You want work, ask the boss give you.

Actually, I suggested to my mum, who was in tears when she called me earlier - Why don't you just freaking sit there and stare at her? Don't move. Don't click. Just. Stare. At. Her.

Siao ah! Computers don't use mouse click, then what? Use your head and bang the keyboard, is it? Is it?!

Fuck man. I have this overpowering urge within me to storm over to the office at Alexandra road and deliver the swiftest slap I can ever muster.

Anyway, the logical side of me surfaced and tried to rationalize how a person can ever be such a meanie. Since the mean bitch's job was so simple, she was afraid that by allocating my mum some part of her job, she is effectively jeopardizing her own job security.

Besides, mean bitch is in her late forties and not married. Her bullying ways just simply illustrate her immense insecurity with herself. She needs to exert her "strength" and hide her stupid insecurities by bullying others like my poor mum.

That is the deal with many meanies. They are basically insecure with themselves. I had this one experience where this girl was just plain mean to me for no rhyme or reason. Her boyfriend offered me some food and she went

Poor Clueless BF: Oh, here, have some.
Poor Clueless BF: ...

Mind you, she said all these in my full presence, head, body and toes. Although one might feel the inclination to stuff an entire plate of food into her nostrils, do always remember that you are having the upper-hand and the qualities that motivate her mean streak precisely. Just stand back and let the insecure bitch do all the drama.

Anyhoo, my mother tendered her resignation. I rather have her calling me ten thousand times a day than to be bullied at work.

Damn you, insecure bullying bitches!

Holiday Mode

After hours of shopping yesterday, we settled comfortably into NYDC for desserts. Lifen and Lifang mentioned organizing a short trip to Kuching, comprising activities from trekking to plain slacking by the beach. It sounded really tempting until the thought of my impending credit card bills struck me like a cruel bolt of lightning.

Anyway, imagine my delight when I read the papers today regarding SPH's free Latin music symphony at the Botanic Gardens. I rang Sandy up immediately to sound her out on the prospect of spending a pleasurable evening picnicking, almost free-of-charge. She could bring the beer she just bought from DFS, I could bring some food. Mmm.

Alas, the weather was not to be. Instead, we headed to Corduroy and Finch for tea. Did I say I need to cut down on my expenditure on food? Oh wait, let me just stick my foot down my throat, thank you very much.

After tea, Sandy decided to head to my home to mope around. Together with my brother and his buddy, both of us wasted 90 minutes plus of our lives catching the live telecast of Holland vs. Serbia & Montenegro. I must say I did have fun poking fun at the game, eating my peanuts and pretending my coke was stout. Oh, we also learnt interesting facts like how you can survive the onslaught of both camps in this particular game.

You see, the flag of Netherlands looks like this:

The flag of Serbia and Montenegro looks like this:

They are completely inverted. So all you have to do is to purchase one flag. If you should be at the Holland camp, hold it one way. If the toilet is, say, right smack in the Serbia and Montenegro section, have no fear. All you need to do is to invert the flag you are wrapping yourself around with and that will probably guarantee you a safe passage to the restrooms. You just got to be really careful when you are doing headstands.

Anyway, if you display the flag in an orthogonl position, you might just jolly well re-use it for France matches. Very economical, these red, white and blue stripes.

Oh my, I do digress enormously. Of course, I do wish more goals could be scored. I mean, don't you all feel like you wasted time watching 90 minutes of your life fleet past when the game has no goals? It is like, come on, give us some reason to cheer and prance around mah.

Tomorrow 9pm - the match between Austrlia and Japan. You all better support Japan ah. Otherwise ah, don't talk to me.