Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Makes Powerful Men Act Like Pigs

I must say the cover on Time Magazine for the particular title was adorned by a pig beyond the cuteness level of a typical man.

Piggo feels insulted.

Quoted from the article - When men have more opportunity, they tend to act on that opportunity, said psychologist Mark Held. Well, I would like to add that when Men aren't powerful, they do act like pigs too. I certainly know of a few!

It is interesting how the article discusses how powerful people develop a self-entitlement, especially in the French society when not being able to flirt or seduce gets you branded as a prude. That does not give an excuse for men to behave inappropriately towards women. Quoting Elaine Sciolino in the article, stop using "Ah, we French love food and women." as a pathetic excuse. We are not pieces of chocolate.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Revisiting UK Pleasures

It was truly pleasant, being able to return to UK after a year plus. I was greeted by typical British rainy chill and dull grey skies when I first arrived.

This evening, I rewarded myself with a musical at the Palace Theatre after three intensive days of school. Watching Mamma Mia amongst the swaying British granny sweethearts is truly amazing! The atmosphere was infectious and I found myself dancing, swaying, singing aloud the Abba songs... You are the dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen! It was almost like a discothque for the elderly.

Besides amazing and affordable musicals, amongst other UK Pleasures catching-up I did include:

Running in the crisp cold air: I love running in the temperature of the teens. Perspiration seeps out and disappears almost immediately. You feel you never tire. I'm planning to run to nearby Heaton Park when the opportunity arises. So far, I've only run to the nearby Sugden Sports Centre (whose gym facilities are rather disappointing).

Savouring Gregg's Triple Chocolate Muffin: It is a chocolate muffin with huge-ass pieces of chocolate chunks, unlike the miserable chocolate chips you get in the Singapore ones. Besides that, it has a molten lava core that oozes out when you bite into the middle. Need I say more? Oh, it costs only 85p!

I know you want me.

Remincsing over Marks and Spencers Salads: Marks and Spencers salads, ah. The staple lunch of my everyday London life. I already had three in the short span of 3 days and this is in addition to my three meals included during my lessons. Can someone tell Marks and Spencers to include these salads in SG, please?

Shopping: Varieties are large and updated over here whereas the UK brands in SG are rather dated. And can I just give a special mention to Primark and H&M which I miss so, so, so much? I'm gonna head to the city centre for more serious shopping on Friday!

Ah, UK. Shall enjoy it while it lasts. :)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

GE 2011

Nerve-wrecking and nail-biting waiting for the results. Wish Potong Pasir results were different to end the exciting night! Everyone has a soft spot for the underdogs.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Maiden Voting Experience

It was, well, bland.

I read the Saturday Special on the General Election, as my Dad drove us to our specified polling station. Enduring 15 minutes of his rants against the incumbent, of which some are warranted and some ridiculous, we finally arrived.

There was a tad of electrical buzz in the air as we joined a short queue of like-minded people waking up bright and early on a Saturday morning. Two white-clad PAP candidates stood near the queue, smiling.

I turned to my mum.

Me: Mummy, who are you going to vote for?
Mum: ...
Me: (rolls up the newspaper and put it beside my ear) You can whisper it here.
Mum: *looks uncertain*
Me: Who? Who?
Mum: Er, whatever Papa asked me to vote for.
Me: Wah Lao! Why don't you vote for what I ask you to vote then?
Mum: ...

So much for having a mind of your own. Tsk! Vote wisely, people!

There was no queue at all inside the premises. Many volunteers were stationed to direct us to our polling booth. In a short span of 200 metres, I had to answer the same question 5 times.

I stared at my polling ticket and the two empty boxes beckoning me to pick one of them. This is it, I thought. I am playing my kuching-kurau role in choosing the destiny of Singapore!

And so, I determinedly drew a cross in one of the boxes and strode over to a subdued-looking box to cast my vote.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Election Hullabaloo

This is hilarious. I don't remember the last elections being so much fun and entertainment. Too bad it only happens once every half a decade! All the issues raised, parodies spoofed, mud-slinging ... are so uniquely Singapore.

Poor little Pei Pei. She seems to be a ligntning rod for all eggs-pelting and mud-slinging.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


If one goes to the hotel room to sleep with a girl, when he already has a girlfriend, what intentions does he harbour? You can't seriously mean he didn't mean to cheat?! Come on! You've gotta be fucking kidding me! So what ARE HIS INTENTIONS? CHARITY???!

Please allow me to drag myself to a corner and die.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Eager Anticipation

I've just watched the trailer to the final Harry Potter film. It looks mind-blowingly exciting! Argh! I wonder if I can book my ticket in advance to watch it!