Sunday, August 26, 2007

Automatic Supersonic Hypnotic

My Dad burst into my room and roused me up early morning at around 4.45am.

GIRL AH, still don't wake up, YOU ARE GONNA BE LATE!

I scrambled up madly, half-wondering why my alarm clock has failed me, half-panicking, only to realize it was a good half an hour before my scheduled wake-up alarm. After he left the room, I switched off the lights and went back to sleep, only to have him running inside again 15 minutes later and rattling off about the strategies on how to beat the traffic.

Well, 'tis the day for the Singapore Bay Run and I participated in the 12km Women's Open. Here is my tag, for the benefit of those who wants to buy 4D. Strike already, treat me eat hor.

Anyway, I managed to reach the starting point rather early.

My cousin, Linus, was there to lent me his support since he is quite the fanatic runner.

Waiting for the run to start...

Having a supporter around is cool because you can dunk all your drib drabs with him/her and not have to worry about the bloody queue at the baggage counter.

I did have a wonderful sight of the city skyline from the Sheares Bridge while I was running. I also had to take care to avoid the many sweat-soaked bodies as well as people randomly spitting. If you want to avoid collisions, it is better to keep right so as to avoid the massive crowd at the drinks stop. Not only will there be a mess, you will find yourself an occasional victim of the vigorous soaker. The vigorous soaker pours water over himself very enthusiastically, not giving a damn if an innocent bypasser get a taste of his sweat-water. Bleah.

Anyway, 'tis a good run and I managed to complete the run in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Linus, my supporter and my bag boy!

Ruiling was late. Nei nei nei.

Sandy and Alan was supposed to turn up but were caught in a traffic jam. We met them for breakfast anyway. BIG BREAKFAST! Yum, yum, yum.

Finisher's Medal and a 'You Did It' Flag, courtesy of Ruiling.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Sometimes, I will lay on the floor, with my head propped by Mister Toto's furry little body, like a pillow. He will sit there lying peacefully, as I rattle off my serendipitous monolouge.

"Toto," I said today. "You are a good dog, you know. So, don't die so early because I will be very sad. All right, Toto?"

And he wagged his tail, swishing the damned tail into my face.

You think he understands?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Catherine made a date with me to bring our little canine pals for a trek this week. I invited some of my other friends in the last minute and it was a pleasant surprise they can make it to join me in enjoying nature. Heh heh.

Here we are, waiting outside Jervais's Granny's house for poor Catherine who was made to work for a friend on her day off.

Jewel with her new lion hairdo

The Dark Ones

My Beautiful Shot. Whahaha.

Toto is a super poser!

Just ask him to "Take photo!" and he poses.

At 610pm, Catherine arrived! We were set to go!

..into the jungle trail...

..emerging to wide open spaces amidst the rocky quarries

Toto poses once more!

Jack attempts to get Jewel and Jeanie to pose.

Ta dah!

Catherine gives up asking Heidi to pose with her.

The evening was nice and cool. Even so, Jeannie and Jewel still had the knack to look for water spots.

After trekking for a good distance, it is water break time for the canines.


Slurp Slurp!

Okay, Jack is cajoled into posing his signature trademark. This is for you, Joy!

More pictures of Jewel!

Then, it's to infinity and beyond!

No thanks to Ruiling for her very shaky hands.

Soon, the sun began to set and darkness engulfed.

Making our way back in the darkness is abit tricky, especially with the loud insects chirping all round. I was holding fort at the back, shining my miniscular torch to help light up the path. We spotted a few fireflies, which was really awesome! I can't say I remembered seeing real fireflies in my life though. So yeah, that was really cool.

Catherine was hilarious enough to admit she didn't know they were fireflies and was creeped out to spot shining things amidst the dark woods. 'Twice!' she reiterated, 'but I didn't dare to say anything!' Funny lah, that girl.

Dinner was my usual haunt at Rail Mall - Hooked, because I am quite chummy with the owners. Not many restaurants can tolerate the presence of 4 doggies, I guess. I had a good dinner! Burp.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hiccoughs and Burps

I have been indulging too much in non-Chinese food after my deprivation during my trip in China. On Wednesday, I had a very satisfying sushi lunch with Ruiling, followed by gelato at my old haunt, Haato at Ridgewood. I haven't really hung out there since I moved in April.

Dinner was an impromptu one at Il Lido in Sentosa , where the food is much, much better (and less pricier) than at The Cliff where I have dined previously.

The service was superb and our server, David, provided delightful humor. Our appetizers included their special of the day: a lobster cocktail with peaches that was absolutely tasty; and a 24 month aged parma ham, rock melon and port wine sauce which I believed JW ordered because I commented I couldn't imagine eating something that is seemingly expired.

I adored my main entree of milk-fat tenderloin veal, with a side dish of foie gras on truffles. It was also a chef special for that day.

For desserts, my creme brulee, comprising of coffee, vanilla and pistacchio flavors were one of the best puddings I have ever tasted. JW's molten lava dark chocolate cake seemed quite palatable as well. In all, the dining experience deserved an all-worthy thumbs-up!

Thursday marks the celebration of my beloved Jane's birthday. She has turned 27, like I am. We were all sneakily hiding away at Wine Bos, in wait of the Queen's arrival.

June tries on the head gear I bought for the Birthday Queen.

The ladies feast and drink while waiting for Her Majesty's arrival.

June was the baker of the day, decorating the cake she baked 2 nights before, "until 2 am, you know", as she reiterated.

Behold! Her Masterpiece!

I must say the candles and strawberries Sandy bought did a good job of beautifying the little cake. :P

There were several false alarms as people gave false information regarding the arrival of the birthday girl. I made a few trips to and fro from the kitchen, in order to tell June to "Eh Light the candles!", "No, don't light the candles!", etc. Gees. 'Tis a tricky situation as we all tried to determine her actual arrival time.

Pretty Deco by Ruiling and Rachel

Besides false alarms, we engaged ourselves munching moony cakes...

..posing for silly shots...

..and the birthday girl arrives!

Somehow, despite the panic, June still manages to convince me to take a picture of her with the pretty confectionary masterpiece.

The birthday girl dons the crown! All hail!

Apparently, she said she was so touched she teared... Aw.

The Queen and her Jester!

Jane finds her hidden birthday gift, which wasn't really well-hidden anyway. Yawn.

Then, as usual, the game proceed. Rachel was a little crazier than usual, spouting her RA nonsense which I should refrain from repeating on this family-friendly blog.

My camera died soon after, so I shall wait for Jane to upload her versions, which included very discriminating photos I can't wait to see, as well as videos of her speaking like Donald Duck after sucking in helium from balloons. An ang moh kept coming over to our table and cajoling the Birthday Girl to suck in helium for to acheive the cartoonish voice and she gamely did so.

Keep your eyes on this space to watch for newer pictures and videos!

Anyway, my alcoholic detoxification attempt failed tonight as I went with Jervais to Wild Oats at Mount Emily to display support for his friend who was having a temporary bartending stint. I was there previously with Eugene and Minghua and that place gave a sort of eerie creep. Since we were there earlier tonight, I guess the ambience was kinda friendlier (despite it being the 7th month Hungry Ghost Festival), and the bossa nova tunes they played are more suitable for my listening. Oh, oh, and their specialty cocktail of Creme de Cacao, Kahlua and whatsnot.. called Hill Side was yummy. Slurp!