Sunday, February 24, 2008


As we grow older, it is inevitable that we sometimes suffer losses we cannot understand.

Yesterday afternoon, I was aroused from my afternoon siesta by my mother's distraught conversations. Hearing the alarm in her voice, I went to her room only to realize my aunt has been killed in an accident.

My mother went into a temporary shock because she has only spoken to her a while ago at 1245pm. My aunt has informed her she was going to my Gugu's house at Sunset Way for a mahjong session. However, when she didn't arrive at 130pm, my Gugu began to worry. Afterall, Clementi to Sunset way is a pretty short route. Together with a friend, they began to trace her usual route. Her husband, too, began to trace her route.

My Gugu drove her car past an accident, oblivious to the dismal irony that the very person she was lookin for was right there. When she called my mum again to tell her she was not successful, she suddenly recalled the accident. By then, her husband was already at the scene, too distraught to speak.

My aunt is a happy and affable woman, despite the tough life she has been through. Her husband wasn't a very responsible man so the task of raising her 3 sons fell squarely upon her shoulders. Yet, her 3 sons grew up to be fine young men who adore and respect their mum. She used to dote on me alot, profusely complimenting me in her mix of cantonese and mandarin about how beautiful she thinks I am, even though I look nothing more than an awkward bespectacled geeky teenager. She would engulf me in her roly-poly hugs, gushing "Lei ho leng orh!"

Of course, eventually her sons got married and she began to shower those love on her daughters-in-law. It is obvious that there is a rare bond materializing between daughters-in-law and her, and the grief in one of the daughter-in-law was so palpable even visually, in the image on the Straits Times today.

Just when I thought she has reached the stage where she deservedly enjoys the fruits of her labor, her life was cruelly snatched away. Why her? I wonder.

I can't fathom the grief of her heartbroken sons.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm Still Alive!

Hola Amigos!
Yeah, I am not dead yet although nearly was about 2-3 weeks ago where I suffered from severe fever, coughing fits and stuffed nose for almost three weeks! At one point of time, I couldn't sleep at all because of all the coughing fits and I started to consume all the medicine prescribed by my doctors (I have visited 3 different doctors + 1 specialist). That, my friends, could be considered a dangerous cocktail of prescriptions and perhaps one of the reason why Heath Ledger died. Sometimes, when you get desperate to quell your insomnia or illness, you just lose all rationality.

So! Gradually, I am clawing my way back to health. I lost 4kg in the period of being ill but I think I am fast gaining them back now due to the overindulgence in New Year Goodies. Yum yum.

I hope you guys are doing fine! :)