Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year "Surprise"!

Danke, Liebe!

Happy 2008, everyone! :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I spent an enjoyable Christmas evening with my babelicious pals by the pool. But of course, who could forget the gift exchange. I've gotten Jane a nifty little gift - Grow a Boyfriend! He doesn't talk back, he doesn't nag when you get new shoes, etc. Isn't it perfect?

However, she doesn't seem very appreciative, does she?

Ruiling seems to like her present way better. I guess it is probably niftier. It is a remote for controlling a woman.

Here is a better look.

We tried the 'REMOVE CLOTHES' button on Jane. It seemed to work until we decided against it. The COOK button doesn't seem to work on her, though.

Here is a peek of the four Christmas Elves who helped lug the food to the poolside.

Oh, let's not forget my very reliable reindeer for the night.

Toasting to the festivities!

Munchity Munch.

Helen ponders upon Jane's affections.

Ruiling owes me $8 because she lost to me while playing cards by the pool in the afternoon. HA!

Reuben came and joined us briefly with a bottle of white wine. As usual, we played rounds of games until Helen and him both had to leave for their respective churches. No worries, Sandy and Alan turned up shortly.

Here's Sandy and me with my duckie vaccuum cleaner. Ha, I have AWESOME GIFTS!

Jane is amused by my tee-shirt.

The gang

Well, I think at some point of time, one or two of us must have had too much to drink. I hope you guys are feeling better today!

On Christmas day, it is the usual Christmas Luncheon at Aunt Linda's place. The food this year is much more fantabulous. I was absolutely starving because I had no breakfast.

I piled an enormous amount of food on my plate.

My brother quipped "As long as the paper plate isn't tearing apart, you're fine.."

Somehow, my xiao-yi and I embarked on another Christmas project this year. Instead of Santa Hat, we had the Party Hat and Mask project where everyone donned the festivities outfit and posed for a photo.

That includes my very sporting grandmama.

There were loads more! But let's not flood the blog.

My hyperactive mama..

My newest cousin, Phoebe, who wouldn't stop frowning.

The party-hatters!

My Christmas Loot is excellent too! I've gotten...
1) A gorgeous necklace
2) A weird car decal
3) Ernie and Grover Book Marks
4) A box of Royce Potechi Crunch Chocolate
5) A Nike Bag
6) A Duckie Vaccuum Cleaner
7) High Society CD(!)
8) Sports Bra
9) Earrings

Mmm-hmm! Have a very blessed year ahead!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Prelude

Jane, our excellent organizer, has put together a cosy Christmas gathering at the Beaufort on the sunny little island of Sentosa. Surprisingly, the room was quite spacious, not as squashed-up as I imagined it to be. So all is good. I had a good time, despite sorely missing a particular presence faaaaaar away.

Meeeeerrrrrry Christmas!

With my dearest babes...

Jane stole away to feast on a miscellaneous mix of food.

The Christmas Elf with a Green-Gloved One

Christmas Retards!

Jane, the consummate game mistress, dishing out the rules.

Yeah, and she celebrates evilly when people lose.

We played a variety of games, including Taboo...


Rachel is hilarious because all her animals looked quite the same.

The Green-Nosed Reindeer with ravenous Christmas Elves

Ooo, my favorite Christmas Elf!

Oh wait, another favorite Christmas Elf. I'm spoilt for choice!

Of course, who could forget about gift exchanges! We did a little gift exchange game...

Here are Alan and Sandy, trying to figure my gift out...

Ruiling got the umbrella I bought. See! Useful present!

I've gotten a car decal that says something like "Queen Bee" in Chinese.

Everyone's checking everyone's present out. Sandy looks thrilled by Alan's Voodoo doll! :P

Jane and her Hat-trick. 3 Hats! Hat-trick! Get it?

Anyhoo, have a good Christmas break, everyone. :)