Sunday, January 28, 2007

Grey Area

Sometimes, it is hard to define what is the correct decision. I have no idea why I am being thrown at crossroads all the time. People offering goodwill advices from all angles and asking me 'So what now?' the whole bloody time. No matter what they say, no matter how much I can confide in, the person who ultimately presses the button to denote the eventual consequence is still me.

For instance, at work, one professor would be telling me one thing for my career prospects, another would be encouraging another different line of career development. Who is doing what for their own personal gain? Who is the angel? Who is the devil? I can't tell.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I am not really the sort of person to go hankering after new stuff or gadgets. Instead, I tend to utilize (or some might say, abuse) my thingamajigs until they become thoroughly unusable or tattered. I don't buy new shoes till they wear out (even when my old running shoes were making my toenails break), my wallets are usually so worn until someone bestows me one as a gift, and my cellphones and gadgets are usually presents from friends or family. Ta dah, I am quite the certified scrooge, ain't I?

So, for the past months, I have been considering getting a new phone. I would randomly enter a telecommunication shop and browse around, gawking at the newest cellphones available. A few caught my eye here and there, but none has this WOW! factor, you know. As such, I always have an excuse to procastinate, shrug and think 'Well, my phone is still usable what.'

Alas, last night, a certain jinx drank from my water bottle during the netball session and left the cover slightly opened. Forgetting that I am not the only who drank from the bottle, I absent-mindedly threw the bottle in my bag. The next thing I knew, I had my stuff swimming around in the bag, including my old, trusty phone. Sob.

Well, the blessing is, all my belongings are so ancient, it doesn't really hurt to see them soaked. However, my phone is currently sputtering the last of its life. I can no longer reply sms-es nor call out. I can only receive calls. Sigh.

I guess it's time for a new phone then. No excuses. Rest in peace, my trusty phone.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Green Green Grass of Home

At the ungodly weekend hour of eight in the morn, I roused myself out of bed to prepare food for picnicking. I love picnicking, by the way, explicating the expeditions to Botanical Gardens for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra as well as Movies Under the Stars. There is something teasingly enjoyable about nibbling on food outdoors, despite Singapore's somewhat unbearable humidity.

This time, the picnic was held at a very remote green field off Kent Ridge. It was the perfect place for picnicking - quiet, quaint and free from civilization.

Our little canine friends were delighted to see the open green field and wasted no time sprinting away.

The young and quick-footed Kaiser scurries on!

The elderly and sure-footed Toto trots on.

Much to his chagrin, Toto was coaxed into his usual posing self in front of a lonely wilted tree.

Well, he had a bit of fun with Missy Rabbity.

And sometimes, too much fun can get into the head, ya know. :P

Here is a peek at our picnicking venue...

I brought a picnic mat along, and it looked strangely pathetic next to Kenneth's professional picnicking foldable table. I guess with age, the older generation might find it hard to sit and lie around on the ground huh.


The feast includes appetizers of salami and crackers, main courses of some yam thingy, Roast Beef sandwiches, ngoh hiang and dessert of chocolate cupcakes.

Portraits of our cuddly canine best pals

Who's got the longest tongue?

Kaiser, looking the epitome of relaxation and cool.

Behind the scenes...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, you know, I must say I am really a blessed girl who is able to have friends that constantly feed my gluttony. Now, Sandy, the dear that she is, ordered 10 VERY SINFUL-look chocolate ganache cupcakes to be sent to my house.

Ready, Get Set, Drool!

Apparently, they are from a delighful little online bakery called Baked Ideas. Why the URL says half-baked ideas, I am not sure. Maybe when the entrepeuneur registered for the URL, the idea was still half-baked. And now that it is a full-fledged business, it has become, well, officially, Baked Ideas.

Hmm, well there aren't many visuals on the web site. But the chocolate ganache looks wonderously inviting in real.

Now, now, look at these adorable gingerbreadmen you can send to your precious ones on Valentine's Day.

Now, Sandy, you are coming over this weekend to help me finish them up, aren't you???

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well, it seems like I have been dabbling with the Fantasy world much of late. Firstly, thanks to a personal librarian, I have currently a sizeable list of reads to accomplish.

The first book, Stardust, by Neil Gaiman, was an enjoyable read, keeping me riveted from Sunday night, till I completed the book on Monday night.

Pan's Labyrinth was an intriguing movie as well. The little girl's mother looked a tad familiar and I realize she was the same actress from the last Spanish movie I caught - The Absent. Hmm, lack of Spanish thespians eh? :P

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bountiful Birthdays

Well, the past week has been fraught with disappointment, discouragement and a bout of depression. It has been a wee difficult trying to cram all negative feelings within oneself before sitting on them, pretending they don't exist at all. But, truthfully, the abundant birthday celebrations through the week do sort of help take the mind off these troubles.

First of all, last night was the birthday celebration of Kaiser boy. Dogs these days are getting luckier, aren't they?

Kaiser and his Master

Besides the slide-show of his growth compiled by his master, he even has a personalized cake baked for him, pictures and all included, in the shape of a dog-house!

Here is Kaiser in his happy family portrait. Aw.

I want my cake...........

Cutting the cake...

Border Collies Unite!

Well, I suppose for Toto's Birthday, he would prefer to spend it exploring a trail lined with plenty of trees and bushes, ending the expedition with a table full of food for him and himself only. He is such a selfish bastard regarding his food. As for Shannon suggesting that dog's behavior resembles the owner's, I swear I am very generous with food! Ask Shanni! :P

Wednesday was an early celebration of my cousin, Michelle's birthday. We spent it gorging ourselves silly with the Japanese delicacies at Kushin-bo.

Michelle is ever the fanatic camera whore. Heh.

Oh, it is also the birthday of my new domestic helper, Yenti.

The chocolate cake was delicious. And it is supposed to generate a shot of endorphins too, isn't it?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Whoosh! And the day is gone...

This afternoon, Sandy and I went for the talk 'The Dark Side of Asian Cinema' by Francis Ng at the National Library. Although I emailed Sandy about it, skeptical her was in denial that Francis Ng could ever come to Singapore for a talk and was puzzled over why I could invite her to an academic seminar. When she realized it was the Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, she hurriedly registered as well.

Alas. It must have been too late because I was one of the few early birds who caught the approval worm. Thankfully, the notification from NLB allowed me to bring in another person for the talk.

We were rather punctual for the talk but there were long queues of people lining up to enter. Fortunately, clutching on to the email, we were entitled to priority entries.

Basically, Francis Ng was rather entertaining except I had a hard time deciphering what he was talking about in his heavily Cantonese-accented Mandarin. In the end, I gave up and decided to explored the functions of my camera instead.

The talk was held at the POD, the top level of the library which has restricted access. Its view was rather fantastic, reminding me of an observatory deck.

Anyway, thanks to Shanni, I had a mad rush home to make it in time for the hash (much thanks to Kaiser and his owner). It was the first dog hash I ever attended and I must say, like the Bukit Timah experience, it was like chionging sua. Up the muddy little hills, down the knee-deep drain waters, bashing through branches and whatsnot. Each time I fell down the muddy grounds, each time I get cut by passing branches, I wondered - Why am I doing this??? But strangely, after the endorphins from the run sunk in, I would go - Now, that's kinda fun!

Warped, isn't it?

Kaiser looking all gay (as in Happy *ahem*).

I think it was the birthdays of Princess and Duchness, the huskies. There were doggy goodie packs given out, and party hats too. In fact, there was even a yummish doggy birthday cake. Pretty cool, huh.

After the hash, we adjourned to a rather quaint place, hidden at the depths of Science Park II. It is called Blooie's or something. Due to some bad influence, we had alcohol again. There goes my alcohol-free week.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Adieus 2006!

Oh, how I love the last bits of each year. It's the time where the roads get adorned with pretty lights, when people get excuses to feast excessively (aiyar, wait until new year then start to exercise lor), whereby the world is generally a jollier and merrier place.

Have I mentioned that Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year? I started my early Christmas celebration with Samantha and Sandy at Warauku. Sandy bought me winter stuff for Christmas present and Samantha sprang a surprise box of Royce chocolates for me. Woohoo!

The eve of Christmas Eve was spent at my junior college mates gathering. It was a potluck affair and that means the usual overloading of food, ranging from turkey, ham to tang yuan.

Here is Sandy, mixing my Chocolate Fondue...

After dinner, we had plentiful of laughs playing games dreamt up by Jonathan, the resident comedian, as well as exchanging presents.

There were also bored attempts to eat a potato chip off the foreheads. You have to be there to comprehend how hilarious it was, though.

Christmas eve was spent squished with the Christmas crowds doing last minute-shopping before a full-till-nauseous meal at a Japanese Buffet. Finally, we adjourned to Wine Bos for a cosy countdown to Christmas.

Christmas! It was Christmas luncheon at Aunt Linda's home once again. It was the usual bustling affair. I taught my little cousins drinking games and we had a raucous time. They were punished not with alcoholic drinks of course, but with plenty of chocolates and candies I bought from the United States.

Reindeers and Santarinas galore!

Christmas evening was spent playing mahjong, which I lost in. :( I have never won in mahjong since I bought the bloody table! Grr. We made the banker of each round wear the santa's hat because I had a hard time keep track who the banker was.

Anyhoo, last Friday marked an early celebration of the new year. I invited some friends over for games that included a childhood fishing game and five stones.

Ah, feeling nostalgic, ain't I?

Anyway, after 7 bottles of wine and some vodka, I swear playing the fishing game is no easy feat. We began to hallucinate and everything seemed to be spinning at double speed. Everybody was just cursing those damn fishies and octopus under their breath. I took a video of people going "Kani** Fishes, bloody hell, drop out of my hook." and whatsnot. Some were so frustrated by those spinning fishies that they resort to hurling their rods away to pluck the real loot with their bare hands. *Cough*Sandy!*Cough*. If you drink, don't fish!

The final hours of 2006 was spent with friends at Zouk.

Quirkier photos emerged after more drinks.

And... our entertainer of the night goes to Jane! When she is high, she is just really entertaining...

Be it dancing against the pillar...

..striking a sexy pose...

..or striking a cutesy pose...

More photos can be viewed here.
Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone. To a better 2007 ahead! :)