Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Halloween

I know All Hallows' Eve is observed on the 31st of October, but the enterprising clubs and restaurants in Singapore have decided to celebrate in advance to take advantage of the ever-precious Singaporeans' weekends.

The few of us decided to put together some blood and horror for the fun of it this year. In order not to frighten our poor innocent family members and canine, we were considerate enough to rent a hotel room for our little dress-up regime. Hee.

Here is Sandy putting sexy black nail polish for a Chinese Vampire who has just hopped in.

Jane looked strangely, or disturbingly ecstatic at being bloodied.

After getting our hands all dirty with white powder and fake blood, all we had to do was wipe them off Jeric's old army fatigues. Ha.

Here are the ghouls checking out and touching themselves up.

Apparently, the vampires (even ancient, traditional, hopping ones) nowadays, are quite tech-savvy.

We took a group shot before leaving the hotel to haunt Robertson Quay.

We strolled along Robertson Quay towards Butter Factory (with the Chinese Vampire hopping along), waving to kids and making them cry. Alas, Butter Factory was for Advanced Reserved Tickets only. Yawn. So, it was out to Zouk we headed.

It was still a little early, and vampires do melt under the hot flourescent lights afterall. Hence, we headed to Winebar for a little respite.

Here is Mister Jiang Shilooking extremely contemplative but was actually thinking what he should order for drinks...

As he sipped his bottle of bloodied drink, a little bloodied french maid (probably brutally murdered) looked on.

Apparently, he must not have quenched his thirst very much because he subsequently tried to go for the french maid's neck. Wrong move, bro. Angry french maids can be very nasty with their feather dusters.

Anyhoo, we soon joined the extremely slow-moving costume queue at Zouk... The queue was hardly moving, and the humid temperature made it quite unbearable. I pitied those who came in furry costumes or long sleeved robes.

We got bored in the queue and took pictures aplenty.

A group shot!

Individual shots of us all...
Jeric, all zipped up as the ghostly image in the mirror. In fact, he was nominated as one of the finalists for the Best Costume. Too bad he didn't win.

Jane, the post-natal-depressed and deranged mother, holding a postively creepy baby that cried 'Mama, Mama' if you pressed its belly.

Lloyd, the rosy-cheeked chinese vampire who couldn't stop twiddling his pigtail.

Sandy, the sexy bloodied french maid who was probably murdered in a gruesome manner while dusting the cabinets.

Me, recycling my veil from Halloween in USA (Kids, remember to reuse, reduce, recycle! :P), as the corpse bride.

We all know Alvin hates how he looks, but also no need to 想不开 ma!

When we finally reached the entrance, we were subjected to extreme scrutinity by the Zouk bouncers who seemed rather stringent with their requirements this year. Our scary Chinese Vampire and Deranged Mother didn't make the cut! Apparently, The Chinese Vampire had on trendy leather shoes while our Deranged Mother was wearing funky boots. So next time you want approval, make sure you are suited to the tee. Every detail should be observed! I think Sandy and me barely made it through for the free entry. Haa. We frantically slapped on loads of blood in effort to look more frightful.

After obtaining our entries, we headed down to a private Halloween party held at a friend's condominium. We were, however, rather over-dressed in there. They had games that required us running around. Our costumes weren't made for running! Grr.

The party had people in cliques voting for themselves, so I didn't think it was any fair or fun. Still, I applaud the organizers for their hard work and effort put in. It must be quite a chore, getting the costumes, set ups and food.

The sexy devils with very skinny legs.

Costume finalists strutting their stuff.

The ladies took some shots together...

The Scream guy got coerced into posing with us, looking rather lost.

Us, scary ladies again. Mess with us and we will haunt ya! >:D

And... it was back to Zouk for us, to see if Jeric wins any prizes as the Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Zouk was a fiesta of laughable costumes and funny antics.

Ooo, looky, the chinese vampires reunion!

I managed to catch a person in tudung dancing madly on the stage, I am not sure if it infringes any religious regulations. Hmm. And guess what, some monk actually has the audacity to fratenize with a sexy looking devil on the platform.

I find this couple extremely creepy. They would stroll quietly into the middle of the dance floor and slowly open their paper umbrella to shield themselves from the blinding disco lights. All this while keeping a poker-straight face. What feat!

Oh, if you are missing a 红中 from your mahjong tiles, it could be dancing wildly in Zouk.

This emperor is the epitome of the phrase "Smiling in the face of adversity." Please applaud.

Our chinese vampire gets thirsty for milk. Got milk?

I enjoyed the antics of three air stewardesses who were dancing and performing in-flight instructions on the platform. They were particularly funny to watch. Alas, I didn't get a picture of them. Right after they got down, three hairy-chested busters immediately hopped on to rock the crowd.

I say they should get better double-sided tapes because they kept hitting their chest in attempt to get the hairy tuff to stick. Wahaha.

We were soon quite weary, and headed upwards to find seats. Along the way, we saw a giantic Lego Man.

Just as we were getting thirsty, our dream came true in the size of a supersized MacDonald Coke.

.. with fries to boot!

Suddenly, a group of ski-masks cladded terrorists stormed and hijacked the party.

Haa. Well, at least they pretended to be. I was soon quite exhausted after this, comfortably nested on my chair, reluctant to take any more pics. Instead, people randomly came by to request for picture-taking. I guess that is the fun of it all.

We endured till the Best Costume results were announced, which disappointedly didn't include Jeric. Heh.

Dragging our weary feet, we cabbed back to some much needed cleaning, washing and shut eye. Even ghouls need a break.

Happy Halloween, everyone...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ogle, Ogle, Ogle

Have I ever mentioned that I am a fan of Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong?

Yep, I know that he is no quite eye-candy material but boy, does he ooze charisma.

I am also a closet fan of the versatile chameleon actor Francis Ng, although he has the tendency to look wildly psychotic.

Another lesser-known Hong Kong thespian that caught my eye is Roy Cheung. He is quite an underrated actor, playing mostly villanous roles in the movies. Ever the villian with few words, he exudes great screen presence.

So, can you imagine my pleasure on realizing that the release of Exiled, a Johnnie To's production, actually features three of my favorite Hong Kong actors! Hee.

The story line is okay, but I do like watching my favorite thepians mucking around on the screen.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Malaysia, Truly Asia

The weekend was spent visiting our friendly neighbor, specifically, the capital of Kuala Lumpur. The quartet of us boarded the coach on a Friday afternoon, confined within its premises for a good five hours with only Pocky and Ribena Pastilles for our rations.

When we get really bored, we had to resort to playing card games and doing forfeits as silly as forging Pocky moustaches....

..or putting mascara on the boys.

After enduring the horrendous jams in the city, we finally checked into our hotel and hailed a cab to sniff out the prominent KL's Claypot Bak Kut Teh of which its exquisite fragrance and impeccable taste still haunt me from years ago.

So, the cabbies in the capital do not like to be paid by the meter. Instead, they quoted prices and made sarcastic remarks like "Enjoy Walking!" when we turned away from their quotes. Duh. Anyway, being trapped in the traffic jams can be quite a bore, thus explicating our attempt at ridiculous faces.

Alas, we couldn't find the Bak Kut Teh I was sniffing out for and ended up eating Zi Char from a roadside stall. 'Twas not too bad. To a hungry man, there is no bad bread.

Next up was a visit to Zouk KL. The moment the cabby heard the destination, he astutely quipped,"You are from Singapore, eh?" Apparently, the locals do not favor Zouk very much. Ironically, the patrons of Zouk KL are mostly visiting Singaporeans. Ha ha!

Yeap, so it was a very sparse crowd at the club. There is a Terrace Bar, Zouk and Velvet just like Singapore. Oh, and the Loft where we spent the beginning of the night. 25 Ringgit for a jug of margarita, 80 ringgit for 2 jugs of Long Island Tea. Pretty cheap eh? Besides, we get plush plush seats to rest in.

Flaming Lambourghinis were pretty cheap too.

The music isn't too fantastic at Velvet though. But with great company, it was not too much of a problem, I guess.

The next day, we woke up at nearly noon to sniff out the elusive Bak Kut Teh once more. In midst of the search, Lloyd and Kevin became Trishaw Riders.

We finally ended up at a very commercialized joint of Bak Kut Teh where photos of celebrities were pasted on the walls. There were even electronic buttons you can press to call for service. However, the service was really bad. The Lady Boss left halfway while we were taking orders, a waitress directed us to another table and we got reprimanded for changing tables, etc. Hello! Your people asked us to move to a smaller table so you all can milk all the big tables to your maximum utility. Gees! I should upload the photo and forewarn people from visiting that place ever. It is not as if the Bak Kut Teh was soooo fantastic. My mum's one tasted much better. Bleah.

After that forgettable meal, we cabbed down for some shopping in the city center. What is there more to do in KL anyway?

Hours of shopping made us a tad hungry so we stopped (ironically) at a Hong Kong Cafe called Kim Gary Cafe which was strangely crowded. Sandy and I shared a cheesy load of chicken wing baked rice. I had a Ribena Ice Blended. Mmm. Not too bad.

Dinner (yes, dinner, you read it right) was spent at Genki Sushi. Bleah. Genku Sushi service staff kept forgetting our orders and the cha soba was of questionable quality. Blah.

We cabbed down to Bangsar, a rather quiet Holland Village looking area, sauntered around for a good 15 minutes before cabbing back to the city center once more. We visited the more popular clubs among the locals but it was seemingly brimmed with caucasians and SPGs (or rather MPGs). One of the supremely overcrowded dancefloor was open air with no airconditioning. Very warped.

Anyway, by this time, my camera battery has died. Don't ask me why. I just charged it fully before I left for the trip. I am just jinxed this way.

Oh right, at the Temptations cafe below the hotel were selling delectable pastries and cakes at half price after 7 o'clock in the evening. Each of them averaged at about 7RM. Half price=3.50RM. Effectively, they cost about SGD1! Slurp.