Sunday, September 30, 2007

Savoring My Weekends

Yes, I have now realized the cruelty of the real working world. Weekends are becoming extremely precious commodities indeed.

Anyway, wakeboarding session two was conducted on Saturday morning and this time, three newbies joined us - Andy (my tennis kaki), David and his colleague from Germany, Felix.

My FBT-clad twinnie

Look how excited the guys are!

Well, the guys made Jane and I look quite veteran since it was our second time. They were easily excitable, like we were on our virgin voyage, and extremely inquisitive about the wakeboarding apparatus. I swore I saw a reflection of how I was just a month ago.

How to wear this ah?

This is Felix the Fish.

Felix apparently enjoyed the distasteful waters of Punggol so much he dove into it at every opportunity. He would dive in from the side, the back and even the front of the boat, giving all of us a good splash-down. Eventually, our instructor Vincent got so irritated, he threw a jerrycan into the waters while Felix was swimming around and left him there while he took us further for wakeboarding. It was hilarious. But, kinda mean. I know.

Byeeee Jane!

Jane was first to enter the waters, being the relatively more experienced one. She is a pro already, as you can see from the pictures.

Pro until can smile so happily some more..

Ah, then it's my turn. The relatively experienced one who doesn't know how to swim.

Bob, bob, bobbing away.

Getting up isn't much of a problem for both of us now, so we learnt stuff like steering left and right, and shifting board direction.

I also can yaya and smile!

Then it is David's turn.

We stood around, dispensing advice to the newbies, playing assistant to Vincent. Although Vincent quipped "Sound very professional only, but don't know correct a not", I like to think my advising titbits are useful. Heh.

The boys eagerly watching.

David displays exhiliration when he was finally able to stand.

The Fish is up next.

Falling into the waters in the first few attempts...

And hey, he got it right too!

Andy is up next, woohooo!

But then, Jane's camera battery went flat. HA HA.

So I whipped up my phone instead.

Andy in Punggolian soup.

Anyhow, after a few tries, he got it right too!

Although he complained that his face cannot be deciphered in my lousy phone camera, I will retort,"Eh, it is better than nothing, okay?" I assure you it is 100% him, who got up after a few tries on the wakeboard. How come all the guys fare better than us on our first attempt? Sheesh.

So, a morning of adrenaline and lounging in the sun was gone, just like that. We filled our starving selves with very guilt-inducing meals of Kentucky Fried Chicken before lugging our exhausted selves back home for a nap.

We were still able to dress up for drinks at St James in the evening!

There was the Moet 1st anniversary function at St James, with a few celebrities in sight. We tried playing games but it was maddening, trying to teach a German the simplest drinking game of 5-10. And it doesn't help that his job of being a bonds trader means he can get very conniving often.

Jane and I left early, and headed back to my place for majong in which I lost 3 buckeroos. Jane was the overall winner again. Forever one lor.

I worked hard in staying in bed till almost noon on Sunday because I knew I won't get such luxuries on weekdays, finally waking up to bring Mister Toto to Kent Ridge Park for a long long walk. Alan joined us for our walk and revealed he was going for his Lasik surgery tomorrow! No more intellectual-looking Alan already. He can only look himbo now. Hee.

The later afternoon was spent with Momsy at Kensington Foot Reflexology where I received a 40-minute foot massage and 20-minute neck and shoulder massage. Utter bliss, espeically when my muscles are aching from the wakeboarding session.

Anyway, next weekend, the girls and I are holding a flea market stall at St James, organized by The Fash Bash organisers on the 7 October!

We will probably be hawking our knick knacks for sale. Things that can't be sold would be donated to the Salvation's Army. Ain't that cool? If you wanna pop by to say Hi!, or wanna buy food and snacks for all of us, or have stuff you will like to sell, or our very cool stuff you would like to buy, give me a call at 9835 8710!

Bring on the next weekend, I say!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Project Illuminate

With a twinkle of an eye, Mid-Autumn Festival is here again! Whoever could deny a chance to feast on sweet cakes and rest their eyes on pretty candlelights? Not us, definitely.

This time, we decided to make our way to Sentosa for another session of Jazz by the Beach. Ah, Bossa Nova. It is one of life's greatest luxuries to be able to sit back, enjoy the sea breeze, a glass of wine or two and just plainly immerse yourself in the soothing music.


The resplendent moon that night

By now, as Sandy reiterated, we are quite the veteran in picnicking. What do we bring for food, cutleries, napkins and whatsnot, we are all well-equipped! In fact, our spread of food is seemingly the most sumptuous around. Nei nei nei.


Home-made Chocolate Mooncakes!

The awesome jazzerinas!

The munching gang

Oh yeah, Jane gave me 100 million yen as a souvenier from her Japan trip.

Ha, I am rich.... in bad breath! That contains a huge-ass piece of cuttlefish lor.

After the performances ceased, it is time for lanterns and sparkly fun!

Jervais bought a good variety of lanterns and tonnes of sparklers enough to fuel a nuclear rocket, I think.

Me, Duckie and a Green Timothy

Sandy and her Dinosaur Lantern because Jervais couldn't find ostrich.

Jane has the prettiest lantern!

The babes and their lanterns, teehee.

All set to move it!

How about some posing at the Siloso?

We finally settled upon a sandy spot to get our illumination project going on.

At the beginning...

Then, we got ambitious and decided to try drawing words with our sparklers.


This is supposed to read as MOM.


Artistic Alan

They decided to show their love for the local movie, 881.

123. Sandy has a problem doing mirror images.

183. Jane's 2 becomes an 8.

That's me and my star.

Alan has G-cups.

OEI. Are you looking at this?

Jervais whips up some love.

I was trying to draw my namesake and favorite number 10.

Ha, got some help with better results.




Jerv. Apparently, Alan can't do mirror images as well!

Trying to create an angel..

We wanted to create a devil, but Jane turned out looking like a bunny.

'twas a fun night of appreciating the moon. Happy Mid-autumn Festival, people!