Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Made It!

We made it to the top of Mount Kinabalu, the 20th tallest mountain in the world!

Top of the world

The feeling at the top was indescribable. It was not an easy feat getting up to the summit. The air was thin with oxygen. I had to take calculated steps and stops to catch my breath. However, it was all worth it. Words cannot sufficiently articulate the breath-taking landscape - the view of the world below, the peaks rising above the clouds, the vast alphine meadows, and the awfully beautiful and stunning sunrise.

The climb lasted two days. The first day was a 6km trek up 3,270m to Pendant Hut where we would stop for the night before an early morning bid for the summit at 3:00am. The hike up to Pendant Hut was uneventful until the last 2km when it started raining. My poncho was with the porter who was following the rest of us behind me, so I was throughly soaked. I arrived at Pendant Hut after a 5-hour hike, shivering terribly with cold.

The goal of the first day trek - Laban Rata

After an unfitful sleep, we started our bid for the summit at 3:00am. In darkness.

Thank God for headlamps.

We finally arrived at the summit (4,092m) at around 7:00am. Some of my favorite shots along the way.

We literally ran down to Sayat Sayat Hut at 3,680m in an hour to meet the deadline for our Via Ferrata journey back to base camp. Out of our group, three opted to drop out of Via Ferrata from sheer exhaustion. Only four of us continued. It was a decision I would never regret. The view was simply spectacular and the experience was unforgettable. It was pure adrenaline rush.

For more pictures, click here.


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heh, looks like u had lots of fun :P

Saw your msg to me...i DUN think i wanna go through that ordeal again haha...Vera will be my loved only child :P

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