Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Makes Powerful Men Act Like Pigs

I must say the cover on Time Magazine for the particular title was adorned by a pig beyond the cuteness level of a typical man.

Piggo feels insulted.

Quoted from the article - When men have more opportunity, they tend to act on that opportunity, said psychologist Mark Held. Well, I would like to add that when Men aren't powerful, they do act like pigs too. I certainly know of a few!

It is interesting how the article discusses how powerful people develop a self-entitlement, especially in the French society when not being able to flirt or seduce gets you branded as a prude. That does not give an excuse for men to behave inappropriately towards women. Quoting Elaine Sciolino in the article, stop using "Ah, we French love food and women." as a pathetic excuse. We are not pieces of chocolate.


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