Saturday, June 25, 2011

Say That Again?

We were shopping for our Kinabalu equipment and hiking shoes at a particular shop specialised in such wares. As we browsed through the racks of extremely expensive trekking clothes, we saw a dress, midi-length with collar, almost like an office attire. The tag says "Trekking Dress".

Me: What on earth is a trekking dress?
A very enthusaistic salesman (AVES): Yes, trekking dress! Very good. *nods*
Me: Who wears a trekking dress?!
AVES: Yes! Some women will buy!
Me: What on earth for?!
AVES: Yes, sometimes you trek up a mountain and you want to go to a restaurant.
Me: ...
AVES: Yes, instead of changing to a dress, they can trek immediately to the restaurant.



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