Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Gluttony vs. Rationality

There has been a corporate communications guy who has been seated in our area. Apart from the initial introductory greetings, we hardly engage him in any conversations, largely because of our different work scope. For the last two weeks, he has been sick and coughing madly in his cubicle. The office aunties could be seen whispering furtively amongst themselves, shooting him dirty looks.

In our area, Amanda and I frequently engage in our men-bashing conversations. Our typical conversations might go like 'OMG! Did you read that Ryan Giggs slept with his brother's wife?! Why are men such bastards?!', 'DSK wanted to sleep with his god-daughter, is he sick?', 'Uhh, yeah, that guy is shady. He tried to pick the girl up when he's engaged!' We are oblivious to Mr corp comms, though I imagine he must cower in much fear as we male-bash with much vigour.

Anyway, as I bustled around on my crazy-busy work day today, Mr corp comms suddenly stuck his arm out, grinned, and offered me chocolate biscuits! I stopped in surprise, looked at the biscuits which was very chocolatey, resembling Tim-Tams. Instinctively, my fingers shot out to take a piece.

Okay, now, imagine this in slow-mo. The battle of my brain vs. my impulsive fingers.

Brain: Hello, are you sure you want that?
Fingers: Yeah, why not? Tim-Tams! Top-notch.
Brain: Hello, did you not see him coughing his guts out last 2 weeks?
Fingers: Tim-Tams! Tim-Tams!
Brain: As he coughed, all the germs were probably sprinkled amongst his snacks...

Right at that moment, my fingers which were inches away from a Tim-Tim, curled away (much to the relief of the escaped biscuit). I think the hesistation lasted 5 seconds. As I looked up, the grin was wiped off from Mr corp comms' face and was replaced by a confused raised eye brow.

'Haaaa,' I squeaked. 'Maybe Later!'


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