Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hello Mister Sunshine

Ah, it's the weekend again. This has become a sort of weekend blog, hasn't it?

For Saturday morning's activity, I decided to organize a small team for trekking the nice and simple route of Kranji Memorial Trek once again. However, as the weather gods would have it, I woke up to ominous looking skies.

Soon, it started pouring and one by one, people decided to back out. Finally, only Jane, Felix, Jervais and I were left. But hey, the weather turned out to be really awsome!

Raving to go, people!

Hurry up, you slow coaches!

Jane and Felix

Felix has a knack of picking rotten twigs and leaves. You will see more of that later, of course.

Amidst the tall, tall lallangs...

The flying musketeers!

It was a rather warm day and I could see Toto dying to get into any bodies of water. He even jumped into a small drain along the trek.

Alas, the downpour before flooded the trickling stream we always used to take. What a disappointment. Toto was dying to jumped into the deep murky pool and I had to pull him away repeatedly.

Nonetheless, we continued our trek via the outskirts of the woods, finally reaching the pools of water at the end of the stream. Toto was simply delighted at the sight of water and jumped into it without hesitation.

Swim, swim, swim...

I am NOT coming up, nei nei nei.

Next time, Fairyland!

Jane's the monkey!

Felix has bad photography skills.

I have no idea what's Jane doing, but she looks kinda cute. :P Felix and I were probably doing our usual dosage of bickering.

Toto is probably thinking: This human are insane and an utter waste of time.

Since it's Halloween, we tried to be scary...

Here is Felix waving a huge decayed leaf and Jane looking in incredulity.

Felix sticks lallang to my dog because he thinks my dog needs embellishment.

We are doing A-okay!

Here is Felix again, droning on and on about how the stick he is holding is a piece of art.

"This is an old leaf. This is a young leaf. There are currently on different paths, but eventually, they merge into the same direction."

Right, Felix. What did you have for breakfast? Crap? Because you are FULL of it.

What best ways to end the trek besides a nice picnicking feast?

Yum. We had drinks to go round, sandwiches, ngoh hiangs, bread and cheese and Felix's nasty clementines and grapefruit.

Harrassment of Doggies. Someone call SPCA, please.

On Sunday, Felix suggested we swtiched from having brunch to bringing Toto for a swim at Sentosa. I feel so localized walking a dog in Singapore, he claimed.

A very awesome weather at the beach, we are both quite burnt.

The dog and the cat.

Well, Felix the fish obviously had to swim to other islands and he tried to attract Mister Toto along. Mister Toto tailed him for a while (because Felix has his ball), gave up in the middle and returned to his beloved Mistress.

After getting drenched in seawater from head to toe which I have absolutely no intention to (but Germans are evil and they pull off nasty stunts like pushing you rudely into the water, cap and all), we sat down and attempted to dry off while watching Toto pine for pretty little doggies.

Finally, we strolled to Palawan Beach for lunch at Club Islander. The cafe comprised primarily of Caucasians and I was unfortunately the only Chinese around. When the waiter came, he handed ONE menu to Felix.

Does he now know I can READ ENGLISH?


Felix is burnt and in pain.


We got bored and decided to compete on who looked cooler.

I loaned him Toto to walk back to the car so as to make him feel more localized. Look at what a hit he is with the kiddoes.

Good weekend ahead, everyone!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Holy Macaroni!

Dumbledore's gay?????!


Bon Appetit!

It was the weekend again after a particularly gruelling work week.

I started the weekend with the most delightful dinner with my family at Les Amis, the restaurant with the dubious honor of being the most expensive one in Singapore. In case you think that we are opulent sufficiently to splurge on expensive meals, let me just clarify that the meal was arranged by my dad in his effort to show support to his boss, Desmond Lim, who runs the group of Les Amis as a hobby.

Momsy and Daddy

Desmond doesn't believe in giving discounts because he feels it cheapens the concept of fine-dining. Instead, he plied us with plenty of champagne and wine. Sheesh, that considering my brother was driving, my dad was driving and so was I!

Charlotte and Me

Charlotte and My Bro

Awaiting the arrival of Gugu and Uncle

Since we are sort of the privileged guests of Desmond, he arranged for us to have the Chef's Room where we could peek at the busy kitchen scene. If you want to, you can stick your face on the glass and make funny faces even.

The Lai Family

My Dad and Gugu sharing a joke.

So, while waiting for the menu to commence, our palates were teased with some amuse-bouche. With each serving, the waiter will go on a lengthy description of the dish. I just don't quite remember what he said. Heh. Pardon my own descriptions, yeah?

Toast with fishy thingy

Fried mushroom on eggplanty mush

This Malay dude, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, is a very pleasant and humorous waiter and it was an utmost pleasure to be served. He has served my mum and I previously when we went to Les Amis for lunch.

He went around with a delectable serving of bread, from tomato, onion to sourdough. Mmm. I love the aroma of fresh bakes.


While waiting for our food to be served, Charlotte showed me her gift of the newest iPod which was totally awesome. It was like, WOW.

The graphical user interface was completely mind-blowing. I felt like personality in Minority Report, doing the swishing and swashing of album art. Very pretty! I likey.

This was when I told my brother,"You realize if you and I skip this dinner and asked Daddy for the cost, we could actually buy one for ourselves you know?"


Okay, our course started proper. First up: Fillo Cone with Avocado Cream and Ikura

Desmond, the ever generous host, provided us with a complimentary bottle of red wine. Randy, our waiter, educating us on the history of the wine.

Second course of the meal: Fresh Tsraskaya Oyster in a chilled tomato coulis

The oyster was simply succulent and earned the earnest compliments of my Gugu, who was a pretty good cook herself. In fact, she raved about the oyster so much, the waiter pleasantly surprised us with another round of oysters on the house. How spoilt we were, huh?

Gugu looking extremely satisfied with her 2nd round of oysters...

Fine Shellfish Ravioli and Black Trumpet Mushroom in Lobster Bisque

Just as we thought we are already quite filled up, the soup arrived.

Oxtail consomme, quail egg, truffle and leek ravioli

And my favorite meat in the world - beef.

Char-grilled Australian Striploin, Japanese Corn and truffled mashed potato

Soon, our generous host, Desmond, paid us a visit.

This one very nice ah.


That was known as the Grand Marnier Parfait in a chocolate cone served with citrus fruit salad.

Happy girls with their desserts.

Desmond pampered us with another bottle of complimentary dessert wine to go with our desserts. Ooooomph...

Even when I thought I was all stuffed up, I couldn't resist the temptation of after-dinner confectionary that was served with coffee/tea.

From the right, you have a canele, a macaroon and a jelly thingy.

The macaroon is the best I have ever tasted. The ganache coated in-between was coyingly melting on my tongue. As my Gugu raved about the canele, I went on about the macaroons, and again, our attentive waiter called Timothy presented me with a dish of 4 more macaroons.

This must be one of the best dining experience I had in my life.

Happy souls after a very satisfactory dinner...


What's more, after my dinner, my colleague Kenneth was thoughtful enough to help add to my weight by delivering a box of Krispy Kreme. Man, after all that wining and dining, I now have SIX donuts to devour. *pats tummy*

The degustation experience does not stop here. Saturday was the day where Felix would celebrate his hometown's festival of Ocktoberfest. I was requested to be their chaffeur to bring them around with their groceries.

Buy, buy, buy!

We set into cooking after all the shopping, at Felix's miniscule service apartment.

Cooking up a storm, we were!

Presenting the chefs at work...

Yours Truly

David and Felix

Some fruit of our labor...

The mess that is Felix's kitchen.

Felix flipping hamburgers.

By 6am, we were lugging our foodstuff to the poolside.

We can start our very own cookshow!

Feeling very ravenous.

The kids from GIC

My dinner plate... Mm-hmm!

The guests arrived.

Felix being all arrogant, playing the fishing game...

The yayapapya German

We adjourned upstairs for desserts, which comprised of tubs of ice cream, a delectable chocolate cake, cream puffs and loads of jelly.

Ooo, babes for dessert, anyone?

Man, I'm sooooo putting on weight.