Monday, July 22, 2013

A Perfect Sunday

Someone once observed that I seemed to have a morbid obsession with reading up on stories of catastrophes such as the holocaust, or drilling into details of individuals who suffered serious ailments and wrote blogs to document their journeys. I pondered upon the observation for a while and decided the reasons for such interests are (i) my admiration for the human spirit in times of dire setbacks and duress; and (ii) how the accounts help serve as reminders for me to be grateful for the simple blessings in my life.

As such, I decided to write about my perfectly happy Sunday. 

Firstly, I am still basking from the contentment of my recent vacation to the United States. I woke up from a deep snooze on my first Sunday back to bright sunny skies, and spent a good part of the morning with my favourite people lazing at Peter's pool. Sam brought her baby boy and Michelle brought her baby girl. We lazed by the pool, splashed around, fussed the babies, danced like monkeys to entertain the kiddies, and whatsnot. At one point as I took a break from the babies with Peter at the side of the pool, I sighed with happiness at my favourite people around me and took a mental note to remember how blessed I am. 

We had Thai Express after our pool session, and it seemed like a really big lunch. Food really tastes a lot more delicious when I am with good company. Although I had planned to have a healthier diet after my vacation, my plan hasn't work so well because it is the time of the year where my friends and family show their love by treating me to my favourite foods. For the past week, I had three sessions of Itacho sushi and four sessions of crabmeat pasta. I have more sessions of food treats for the next two weeks, but I am really running out of favourite food options!

In the evening, my brother arranged for dinner at Da Paolo at Rochester Park. The company was, of course, excellent, but the food was rather pricey for the quality and service. As we sat waiting for our food to arrived (it took almost thirty minutes!), we reminisced about life growing up. We talked about Toto quite a bit in one part of our family conversation. There were pangs of pains as I talked about my wonderful dog, but I am glad I am able to talk about my memories of him without bursting into tears. A year ago, this would have be an entirely different picture.

As we clinked our glasses and wished one other well, I made another mental note to memorise the scene - Mummy and Daddy chatting about how salty the green pea soup was, Bro and sis-in-law complaining about how terrible the movie "Pacific Rim" was to Peter... Me tucking into my palatable creamy crabmeat tagialletta......Maybe one day, I will want to dig into my archives of such happy and completely contented snapshots of my life, and remember I am a blessed, blessed girl.

(I miss you, ToTo!)


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