Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bountiful Birthdays

Well, the past week has been fraught with disappointment, discouragement and a bout of depression. It has been a wee difficult trying to cram all negative feelings within oneself before sitting on them, pretending they don't exist at all. But, truthfully, the abundant birthday celebrations through the week do sort of help take the mind off these troubles.

First of all, last night was the birthday celebration of Kaiser boy. Dogs these days are getting luckier, aren't they?

Kaiser and his Master

Besides the slide-show of his growth compiled by his master, he even has a personalized cake baked for him, pictures and all included, in the shape of a dog-house!

Here is Kaiser in his happy family portrait. Aw.

I want my cake...........

Cutting the cake...

Border Collies Unite!

Well, I suppose for Toto's Birthday, he would prefer to spend it exploring a trail lined with plenty of trees and bushes, ending the expedition with a table full of food for him and himself only. He is such a selfish bastard regarding his food. As for Shannon suggesting that dog's behavior resembles the owner's, I swear I am very generous with food! Ask Shanni! :P

Wednesday was an early celebration of my cousin, Michelle's birthday. We spent it gorging ourselves silly with the Japanese delicacies at Kushin-bo.

Michelle is ever the fanatic camera whore. Heh.

Oh, it is also the birthday of my new domestic helper, Yenti.

The chocolate cake was delicious. And it is supposed to generate a shot of endorphins too, isn't it?


Anonymous s said...

yes.. you are very good with sharing your food..... lots and lots of food ..har har har harhar..

Hey.. remember to invite me and king for the birthday trek lar.

BTW, when's toto's birthday?

6:55 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

haha, eh your harharharhar sounds very sarcastic leh.

Toto birthday ah .. everyday lah, can a not. Then you everyday give present ah? :P

12:11 PM  

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