Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Adieus 2006!

Oh, how I love the last bits of each year. It's the time where the roads get adorned with pretty lights, when people get excuses to feast excessively (aiyar, wait until new year then start to exercise lor), whereby the world is generally a jollier and merrier place.

Have I mentioned that Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year? I started my early Christmas celebration with Samantha and Sandy at Warauku. Sandy bought me winter stuff for Christmas present and Samantha sprang a surprise box of Royce chocolates for me. Woohoo!

The eve of Christmas Eve was spent at my junior college mates gathering. It was a potluck affair and that means the usual overloading of food, ranging from turkey, ham to tang yuan.

Here is Sandy, mixing my Chocolate Fondue...

After dinner, we had plentiful of laughs playing games dreamt up by Jonathan, the resident comedian, as well as exchanging presents.

There were also bored attempts to eat a potato chip off the foreheads. You have to be there to comprehend how hilarious it was, though.

Christmas eve was spent squished with the Christmas crowds doing last minute-shopping before a full-till-nauseous meal at a Japanese Buffet. Finally, we adjourned to Wine Bos for a cosy countdown to Christmas.

Christmas! It was Christmas luncheon at Aunt Linda's home once again. It was the usual bustling affair. I taught my little cousins drinking games and we had a raucous time. They were punished not with alcoholic drinks of course, but with plenty of chocolates and candies I bought from the United States.

Reindeers and Santarinas galore!

Christmas evening was spent playing mahjong, which I lost in. :( I have never won in mahjong since I bought the bloody table! Grr. We made the banker of each round wear the santa's hat because I had a hard time keep track who the banker was.

Anyhoo, last Friday marked an early celebration of the new year. I invited some friends over for games that included a childhood fishing game and five stones.

Ah, feeling nostalgic, ain't I?

Anyway, after 7 bottles of wine and some vodka, I swear playing the fishing game is no easy feat. We began to hallucinate and everything seemed to be spinning at double speed. Everybody was just cursing those damn fishies and octopus under their breath. I took a video of people going "Kani** Fishes, bloody hell, drop out of my hook." and whatsnot. Some were so frustrated by those spinning fishies that they resort to hurling their rods away to pluck the real loot with their bare hands. *Cough*Sandy!*Cough*. If you drink, don't fish!

The final hours of 2006 was spent with friends at Zouk.

Quirkier photos emerged after more drinks.

And... our entertainer of the night goes to Jane! When she is high, she is just really entertaining...

Be it dancing against the pillar...

..striking a sexy pose...

..or striking a cutesy pose...

More photos can be viewed here.
Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone. To a better 2007 ahead! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey babe,

have a great great 2007 filled with joy, happiness and everything wonderful!!! :)

p.s. pat pat handsome toto for me!

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Catherine said...

oh yah! we tried the childhood fishing game at the office xmas party too! hahahahaha.. how nostalgic eh..

happy new to u and family (tt includes toto), to sandy too!! may 2007 be better for us all. :)

1:01 AM  
Anonymous s said...

nice nice new graphics!!


4:28 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

manniqueen: thanks thanks! same to you too! i still wanna ask, can we see your wedding gown? :P

cat: haha yah i saw your blog!!! you have the fishy game too!!! and a happier and better 2007 to you and heidi too!

s: thankew thankew!

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aiyah my fishing skills sucks, what to do? So it's back to basics for me! HAHA.

Thanks Catherine, I hope you'll have a fabulous new year too, with everything you want and more! =P

8:25 PM  

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