Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alien Aviary in Campus

As I was striding towards the car, engrossed in digging my keys out from the deep realms within my bag, I felt something fell past, narrowly missing my head. It was a twig.

Subsequently, a few more twigs fell, followed by very loud squawks.

I looked up, expecting to shoot those bloody crows a few glares, but saw this instead.

It was a parrot, and it was chewing and breaking twigs off from the poor tree. His partner-in-crime came along and both of them would have a major discussion on the branches, as if they were pondering upon which twigs to select. One of them would fly down to pick up a twig, before blazing to a huge tree next to the AYE, probably to build their nest. Eh bird-brains, didn't anyone tell you that residences next to the highways often suffer from noise pollution?

Anyway, as I related the strange sighting to Samantha later in the evening, I was astonished to realize the pair of parrots was a common sighting on the AYE. Apparently, they have been sighted for quite some time already. Did they elope from the clutches of the Singapore Bird Park, I wonder.

Still, after escaping for so long, haven't they already set up their nest somewhere? Judging from their very noisy exchanges I observed, I believed this is due to the customary couple squabbles over their new habitat. In fact, I even hurriedly whipped up my digital camera to capture their hostility towards each other. (Okay, forget it, my video editing skills suck.)

Anyway, after the video was taken, the pair of love birds proceeded to fly all around the carpark, with one chasing the other in very very audible squawks. My guess is Polly the wife must be screaming her feathery ass off, going "COME BACK HERE, PETER, YOU BASTARD!" or something along that line.

Right, so much for alien aviary. Of course, the main itinerary for last night was to celebrate a particular girl pal's birthday.

Ta dah.

Welcome to the club of 18-year-old-looking 26 year-olds. (Oh, who am I kidding?)
Sandy and I got her a gift, which we hoped she would find of great utility. :)

I had such a delightful dinner, gobbling down like 3/4 bowl of a spicy salmon sushi don, half of the cheesy seafood gratin and other sushi stuff. Yum.

Then, we proceeded to Wine Bos where we attempted to get the Birthday Girl drunk...

However, tried as we could, via various means from cards to verbal "Small Tomato, Big Potato" games, the most she got was a very high and sleepy state. When Ivan arrived, it was a little intimidating to try to get his girl drunk. Heh.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Sam! :)


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