Monday, November 06, 2006

Doggone Sunday

It was a Sunday, chockful of doggy time.

We started off at Kent Ridge Park, ignoring the bouts of rain pouring over the area. Thankfully, the weather gods were merciful and stopped the downpour the moment we pulled into the parking lots.

Kent Ridge Park is a good place to tire Mister Toto out playing fetch because we will hurl his ball down the hills where he has to proceed to tear after his precious ball and climb up the steep grassy hills.

For some reason, Toto has this tendency to 喜新厌旧 (translated: like new, dislike old). Each time we buy him a new ball, he forgets the previous one he has been so intensely rabid about. Last Thursday, we bought him a ball with a pig face, affectionately named Miss Piggy. He managed to chew on the miserable thing till it lost its squeak and also, its ears.

Anyway, I threw Ms Piggy down the hills with Toto madly running after it, losing sight of them in the terrain. Few minutes later, Toto scampered hurriedly back to my side, without Miss Piggy.

To be honest, I was secretly pleased. May the rainwater in the drain wash Miss Piggy to rest in peace.

I sauntered back to pick another old squeaky ball to throw. I squeaked the ball and threw. Toto ignored me, looking downwards at where Miss Piggy disappeared and wagged his tail. Despite more repeated instructions of "No more!", he just kept looking downwards until I had no choice but to follow him down the terrain. He sprinted to a drain which was miraculously freed of rainwater, stood at the spot Miss Piggy laid and wagged his tail madly. I had no choice but to climb into the drain to retrieve the ball. Brings a whole new meaning to the game of Fetch, doesn't it? Fancy a dog asking the mistress to fetch his holey ball from the drain. Bleah.

In the even, Jane and her boyfriend brought Yukii, a pretty Japanese Spitz darling to fratenize with Toto.

Too bad there didn't seem to be much chemistry between them. In the park, I met a Columbian lady with her Golden retriever puppy and a mongrel. A grumpy old man outside the park yelled "Please leash your dogs!".

I usually unleash Toto in the park unless there are other people in the park who displayed signs of irritation or fright. However, the users in the park are only Jane, me and the Columbian lady who wanted their dogs to play. Anyway, the Columbian lady and old man got into a minor scuffle.

Lady: I do not wish to leash them.
Old man: Can't you read the sign?
Lady: No.
Old man: It says "Please keep your dog on leash"!
Lady: So? I do not know how to read. Why don't you teach me?
Old man: I will call the police!

The Columbian lady ignored and proceed to converse with me. Mid way, her dogs sped towards the Old man who is outside the vicinity of the park, washing his car, as if mocking him. The Old man yelled "DO YOU WANT ME TO THROW A ROCK AT YOUR DOGS!?", proceeding to hurl soap suds at the canines.

Tsk. He must really be afraid of dogs.

The final doggy encounter came in the late evening as I was striding towards the MRT station in the dark. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a little pug materialized and wagged its tail at me.

He looked somewhat like this.

I sort of recognized Mr Drastically-Wrinkled-face from some of the walks near the neighborhoor. He strided purposely by my side until he reached his home, wagged his tail and looked at me.

I stared at him and asked "This one your home ah?"

He wagged his tail some more and looked mournfully beyond the gates. Against my better judgment, I reached out to ring the doorbell.

Several seconds later, a domestic worker emerged and gratefully opened the gates for Mr Pug to happily trot in.

So smart eh, these dogs. All make use of me lah.


Anonymous yq said...

hahaha very cute ley! alamak. dogs nowadays getting smarter! :P

12:24 PM  
Anonymous liwei said...

Poor miss piggy. Maybe Mister Toto is not gay. He just likes pigs better than dogs.

Wrinkled face is soooo cute!

1:16 PM  

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