Friday, September 22, 2006

Little Heidi

Little Heidi has been staying with us for the past week. She has been an utter darling, melting our hearts from my maid to my hard-hearted Dad. My brother and I enjoyed watching her chewing antics, gnawing at doormats and chasing anything that moved. I adored the way she would fall asleep halfway chewing at the doggy toy (Furry) I placed next to her as a security blanket.

Mister Toto, on the other hand, can get rather irritated with Heidi's constant tail-chewing (his) habits. Heh.

Tonight, Heidi will be going home with Catherine. This morning, my brother went to the backyard to look at her.

Hey, he said, I will not be able to catch you by the time I come home. You will probably be with your new owner. I'm here to say Goodbye.

All right, Heidi girl, I will give you Furry to chew on so you will have company before you sleep in your new home. Catherine dear will be a good mother, I'm sure. :)

I will miss you!


Anonymous Catherine said...

hey.. i wanted to sms u after u left to say a BIG thank you!! but i realised ah. I LEFT MY HP in office while we were rushing off just now..

just wanna say thanks alot ler.. i will be a good mother to heidi! thanks to your lovely family for taking such gd care of her for the past week too..

i read ur post my heart melts into mush lor.. esp ur bro still went to talk to her! n u gave her the soft toy lor.. :~(

i will take good care of her, she will b my best pal for yrs and yrs and yrsssssss to come :)

2:02 AM  

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