Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I just spent the last hour speed-reading documentation, relocating stacks of notes, removing tapes and boxes, to install a newly purchased Canon Printer.

Actually, it was given free during the Comex Fair where my brother bought a laptop. He came home with the deal which delighted my mother who has been nagging for a new printer to replace our old ones.

Anyway, like all men, my brother's assurance of 'I will set up the printer soon' actually means 'Never' or if you prefer, 'Over my dead body'.

Either that, he knows the universal strategy of all men, that is - by leaving any accursed chore undone for long periods of time, the chore will automatically dissipate into thin air (read: get done by a woman).

Thus, as usual, I morphed into the handyman of the family, the superheroine who solves all video cassette recorder woes, wireless internet troubles, television reception disorders and whatsnot.

However, just when I thought the newly minted printer is settled all nicely at the corner of the table amidst all my sweat and cuss words, I realized I am missing a bloody USB CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called my brother hastily.

Me: Brother, the printer you brought home has no USB cable one.
Bro: Huh.
Me: How to connect to computer like that? Wireless meh?
Bro: Mmm. I need to ask my friend.

Suddenly, a burst of light shone from above and magnified a line of super mini-sized (probably Arial Font Size 1.0 words) that reads: USB cable must be purchased to connect this product to the PC.

Why like that?! Throw in one USB cable will die meh?!

*Vomits Blood*


Anonymous cs said...

Do not assume! Not all men are like that. Think - the new scanner in your house?

5:30 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

eh i bet my mum asked for a long time before you installed it lor.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Toukarin said...

I wouldn't agree totally as I'm personally guilty of it at times... but I think there's always a faster workaround for guys who drag stuffs... including myself.

Of course that workaround needs to be discovered as for most guys. =P

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Toukarin said...

Forgot to add that I'm doing the same 'handyman' role as you are for the last decade until I had an excuse to go on strike in US for a year before I'm back to the assumed handyman role again.

So don't complain k... guys also get all sorts of crap lor.

11:28 PM  
Anonymous kai said...

how much does the USB cable cost??

3:18 PM  
Blogger eha said...

nowadays you have to get the usb cable yourself when you buy printers. don't ask me why the manufacturer doesn't provide them. think they cut costs. anyway usb cable quite cheap. i got mine abt $3+.

12:26 AM  

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