Friday, September 01, 2006

Mermer & Mocmoc

Two weeks ago, when I was at Ministry of Sound with my chums, two huge huggable plush-looking mascots tumbled into the darkness clumsily.

Me: What the hell is that?
Shuling: Er.. I think the white one looks like a Merlion.
Me: Merlion??? Wah, I didn't know Merlion has a nightlife.

We watched incredulously as the Merlion waved happily (and I suspect, rather blindly) at the intoxicated crowd. I wonder if people who have consumed too much alcohol will think they are hallucinating.

Me: Now, what the hell is that yellow thingy.
Shuling: Looks like a bee.
Me: Bee?
Shuling: Courtesy Bee?
Me: Courtesy Bee???

Oh, and I suddenly recalled. I won some courtesy award when I was primary school and I got to wear the Courtesy Badge okay. Don't play play ah. Most courteous girl in class hor. The badge has this Courtesy Mascot Bee, who is apparently called Teamy. He (or she, for the creature looks tad androgynous) looks like this.

I think he (or she, again) looks like a doctor with that thingy on his head and a stethoscope, so it shall be Doctor Teamy for you.

Anyway, the conversations continued.

Me: Why got Courtesy Bee in MOS one?
Shuling: Don't know leh.

The mascots handed out some coasters that printed "Singapore Biennale 2006" Today, I realized the mascots have names. Apparently, the supposedly Teamy the Bee is known as Moc Moc.

Mister Merlion is known as Mer Mer.



Anonymous cs said...

I'm sure if your teacher were to re-assess the award after these years, your badge would be surely taken away! Ha.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous lw said...

Oh yar! You were one of those who always appeared very good in front of teachers, plus you had good results, so all the teachers loved you.

Yvonne was so bu fu qi, because she knew the real Yeelin was a cheeky naughty kid. Tsk tsk.

They should change the mascot maker. Moc moc looks more intelligent in picture leh. The mascot gong gong one, and got bee-stung lips.

Maybe that's the whole idea - Teamy the bee got bee-stung lips. hur hur.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous kai said...

hallo! long time no erm read.. glad to see that you are still posting actively and writing about funny stuff... =)

moc moc and mer mer sounds hilarious! i wonder if they would be mugged once they step out of MOS?

3:39 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

cs: Hello, excuse me. I think I can be very courteous if I want to okay.

lw: Eh is it Yvonne or someone else. Hahaha. Moc moc and Teamy different leh. Teamy where got lips?? Moc moc got funny beaky thing for his mouth.

kai: hello again. :D

10:38 AM  

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