Friday, August 25, 2006

Oh Mum

We used to live on the 16th storey of an apartment we love very much. My brother and I occasionally have dreams about our old apartment. Apparently, my mum does too.

As dreams are often subjected to weird fusion, my mum dreamt about Toto in our old apartment. In her dream, she has placed Toto in the balcony. Toto saw a fellow canine (a rather long way up at 16 storey, don't you think?) and began barking frantically. So frantically that he managed to wedged the metal railings apart (Remember, it is a dream).

My mum dramatically described how Toto looked at her in shock as he found himself falling, legs and paws flailing, down the whole 16 stories. She lamented tearfully how helpless she was, screaming for my Dad, running to the balcony, watching a helpless Toto trying to get up with his broken body.

Abruptly, she snapped awake, sobbing to my Dad in the wee hours of the night 'I shouldn't have put Toto in the balcony!!!'

And that is why, in the wee hours of the morning today, I was awakened by quite a commotion in my bedroom, with my mum absurdly fussing madly over Mister Toto (whom I think was similarly dazed by the attention.)

Oh mum.


Anonymous Toukarin said...

Well... considering you have had dreams about me traumatizing you with my r/s issues...

Seems quite normal to me leh. =P

4:04 PM  

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