Sunday, August 20, 2006

Celebrity Sighting

Yesterday, I was inflicted with one of my impulsive shopping moods. As I tried on my clothes in the changing room, I heard some girls outside going 'Oh my God! Oh my God! Let's go and see!'

Before I entered the shop, the atrium of Plaza Singapore was simply brimming with crowds, instead leaving the shops strangely empty, much to my delight. Amazingly, all the shops hawking female apparel were quite free of customers. Armed with my purchase, curiosity got better of me and I headed out to strain my neck to catch what was the entire hullabaloo about.

At the stage of this OSIM event, stood a lean, tall, dark, suave and very handsome Louis Koo!

As the females got their pulses racing and heartbeats racing, their male counterparts in the crowd merely looked rather bored. Ha ha. I am not someone who would jostle with the crowd for the sighting of some celebrity, but darn, is he good-looking.

After a while, I got bored with the uncomprehension of his Cantonese-speak and left. I sauntered past two girls who just arrived at the stage.

Girl 1: Why are there so many people?
Girl 2: Must be some celebrity lah.

Girl 1 strained her head to peek at the stage.

Girl 1: Oh my god, I can't breath *Holds her chest*
Girl 2: Why?
Girl 1: It is Louis Koo can?!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl 2: OH MY GOD! I am going to faint...

I thought that exchange was rather hilarious.

Well, it was a day of celebrity sighting because I saw some Chinese Deejay while shopping alone at Bugis Village, and well, a number of Class 95 deejays at the screening of Movies at the Padang in the evening.


Blogger Babe said...

wau were at PS???? so was I leh....about 5 plus, then I saw the OSIM thing and Louis Koo and I'm like who the hell is Loius Koo...then I saw his handsome face! You are soooo lucky!! arghhh....

8:55 PM  
Anonymous kookii said...

i was there too when louis koo appeared! i kept saying to my hubby 'he's so handsome!' hahaha! i thinked 'watched' him for about 90 secs before i proceeded to gv.

1:57 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Yah lor, I think he's damn handsome!!!!


8:52 AM  

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