Friday, August 04, 2006


The wisest sage in the household

He is wise because he is the only one in the household who can make everyone rub his tummy by just lifting his feet, who can afford to sleep the whole day away while the rest slog away to feed him ... well, you get the drift.

Anyhoo, I think playing board games are a good way to dissolve a bout of depression. I met up with Sandy, Howie and TY for some games at Settlers Cafe yesterday evening. We played Cranium again, with Sandy and TY as Team Blue vs. the formidable Team Green combo of Howie and me. *Muhaha*

Team Blue...

vs. Team Green

Now, I must have mentioned it somewhere before. Cranium is a test of every ability, from acting, humming, drawing, sculpting, spelling, anagram-solving, palindrome solving, vocabulary, math, IQ, general trivia, you name it.

Here is Team Blue trying to solve an anagram. I love solving anagrams! Hee.

The funniest products must materialize from sculpting quests. Sandy's Statue of Liberty, I must say, is simply *ahem*, a work of pure art.

After Cranium, we tried this weird balancing game in which we each have to remove a piece without the tray toppling. Sort of like Jenga, but alot more challenging because the tray is extremely unstable.

'Twas a funny night.


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