Sunday, July 30, 2006

Evidence of Gluttony

Thanks to my generous friends, I have been blessed with belated birthday treats for the past week. There seems to be more in the pipeline for the next week. Coupled with the fact that a few of my favorite people are having their birthdays in the early August, I predict a significant gain in weight in the very near future. Further, my infliction of flu and cough has affected my weekly running schedule. Very grim news indeed, says my health.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to say NO to good food, especially on a lazy Sunday like this. My university pal, Wai Kiat, picked me up from home to have lunch with Michelle and her beau at The Turquoise Room, another one of those ulu ulu places in Singapore. This time, the bistro is located at the rather resort-like Gilman Village off Alexandra Road. More people will probably be familiar with Villa Bali which is situated within the premises as well.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover we were the only customers at the quaint little shophouse at about 1230pm on a drizzly afternoon. "Have your pick of the tables, please," welcomed the waitress. Yet, we chose such an auspicious number.

The place has a resort feel to it and paints a pretty sight with white furnishing and lovely swirls of turquoise on the walls.

We started our meal with appetizers of bread with dip and calamari fritti.

I rather enjoyed my bread with dips of tomato pesto and olive oil. It was quite value-for-money, too, costing about SGD6, with portions sufficient for 4 of us.

Michelle and I both had Prawn & Argula Linguine, which I rather enjoy. Wai Kiat has some Chicken Tomato Pesto and Ben ordered a Baked Chicken Leg.

For more pictures of the food at The Turquoise Room, please refer here. The prices are quite affordable, averaging about 25 buckeroos each person for starters, mains and drinks. They do serve Sunday brunches too, but the menu spelt nothing but omelettes. Mmm. So, do pay 7 Lock Road a visit.


The gluttony on Friday included a lunch treat from my senior at the university. We went to Hog's Breath Cafe at Holland Village which was quite forgettable (so I shan't waste much space writing about the food.) Dinner was at Ichiban Boshi, generously treated by Alan. I had my usual sushi fare, while Sandy had some paper claypot salmon thingy.

We adjourned to check out Qbar with Samantha, Lloyd and his friends. The exterior of Qbar is much more suitable for chilling out, as compared to the interior upstairs which was adorned with dizzying lights and unappetizing music. I asked the waiter for a menu of cocktails and was informed "Sorry, mam, someone is holding on to the menu of cocktails. Would you hold on a second?"

Just how many menus are you equipped with? One? That is not very impressive.

Anyway, after a bottle of Hoegarden, we got bored with watching a couple make out openly and decided to head somewhere else. We finally settled for Wine Bos, a rather familiar place by now, where we had a bottle of wine, cheese mussels and crackers with pate de fois.

I like that place. It has comfortable seating, nice background music that does not overshadow your conversations, nice and affordable finger food and no crowds! Woohoo. Here is Sandy, looking as though she was morphing as part of the upholstery.

Anyway, we had rounds of games that made us guffawed till I literally teared. We learnt that Samantha is no good with numbers and Sandy is just a very logical person.

On Saturday, I met my brother after drums at TCC, where I could not resist ordering fried chicken wings to drown my sorrows. After devoring the fried delicacies, I proceeded to walk to Rochor Tau Hway Store with Lloyd for more sins of gluttony.

Wait. That is not all!

Saturday night spelt a night of celebration for the August babies in my maternal extended family. Thus, my house hosted a party of some sort with loads of food and wine.

The amount of food was frightening. I foresee myself having leftovers for the next few days. Sigh. At one point of time, the young ladies were just sitting at the table, conveniently picking at the food although we were not hungry, lamenting at the prospective and possible gain in weight.

Ooo. I love the Chocolate Cake from Emi Cakes, I think.

Here are some pictures of the birthday babies.

Thank God for friends and family. They made me forget my woes for quite a while. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha... dun worry abt the extra weight and all! your new jogging shoes will come in handy!!! ;P ~Sam

11:32 PM  
Blogger musette said...

aaaah this girl has good genes okie, she doesn't gain any noticeable weight despite the hefty meals she's been having! i'm soooo jealous. boohoo!

but only well-liked people will have so many treats one lah, so be happy ok? =)

12:35 AM  
Anonymous cs said...

Hope you enjoyed the treat.

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

g'day! Came across your blog as i was trying to find out more about Turquoise Room. Fantastic pictures, and its just what my american fren wanted - a nice place with good italian food. N its just a stone throw away where she's staying! Maybe we may drop by villa bali for a drink after.

cheers, and to more merry-making!! (if there's such a word =P)

9:11 PM  

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