Friday, July 28, 2006

PS Cafe

I was rather depressed after receiving some bad news at work but ah well, life goes on. The world doesn't stop for you to recover and there is no point burdening friends when they are already pooped by the melancholic world out there. After dishing out my complaints to various unfortunate people, I tried to cheer myself up with the thought of a belated birthday treat at PS Cafe, courtesy of CS.

PS Cafe at Harding Road is situated at an isolated, forgotten part of Singapore, away from the bustling crowd. My brother, an architect, once told me that there exists a syndrome in human behavior whereby people have the tendency to prefer quieter, far less accessible and more exclusive places when they can eventually afford to. Perhaps that explicates why places like Rochester Park and PS Cafe are frequent by well-heeled and chi-chi audience.

Since the indoor dining was fully booked (on a Thursday evening, mind you), we settled for al fresco dining. My main grouse is that the menu for the starters and desserts are written on the chalkboard, a facility that is testing my short-sightedness disability.

We started out with Baked Scallop and Crab Salad, which was extremely delectable. Due to poor lighting conditions, I didn't manage to get any pictures that do the dishes justice.

I didn't quite enjoy my Beef, Mushroom and Bacon Ragout but CS's Moussaka was a lovely baked concoction of cheese, veal and whatsnot.

Funnily, the servers there speak with an accent. I wonder why.

Our server was attentive to every detail, so much that he actually sat down to explained the menu like a friend would. He did so patiently for our starters, and again for our desserts.

Finally, for desserts, I tried this pudding which epitomized what chocolate heaven would be like. Slicing the chocolate exterior, you get thick chocolate sauce oozing out. The pudding itself, sits on a pool of chocolate with chocolate-covered cherries. When I had a first bite of it, it was simply orgasmic. Subsequent bites, however, began to cause a little nausea. Too much of a good thing, really.

CS's Mango Banana Pie was recommended by our server to be a popular dessert of their patrons. It was a much lighter dessert, compared to mine, served simply with a cup of vanilla ice cream on the side.

It was a delectable dinner, in all.

Now, I am awaiting noon so I can have my lunch treat from my senior. :P


Anonymous Toukarin said...

How were the prices like...?
Around $50-80 per person?

Even without photos I'm kinda tempted to try... heh.

6:07 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

hmm i am not sure about the prices leh.

But quite expensive. You pay for the ambience too. No car hard to get there though...

8:44 PM  

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