Monday, July 10, 2006


My cousin, Rachel, came to visit last Friday. She is a superfan of Mister Toto and is willing to save up her pocket money to buy doggie treats just for him. Despite her continuous stomping on my bed and never-ending interrogation, she can be the most adorable girl.

Rachel was diagnosed with a mild autistic condition. She used to be terrified of being photographed. For some reason that day, she discovered my camera and it became her new toy instantly.

Smile! I said. And she did.

What shall we do next, I asked.
Mmm, she pondered carefull. Let's stick out our tongues!
And we did.

Now what shall we do next, she inquired, as if it was a game.
How about we act like we are the happiest people in the world, I offered.
Okay! She agreed enthusiastically.

Right. Maybe we needn't act after all. We could be the happiest persons in the world at the moment. :)


Anonymous Toukarin said...

So cute!

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