Thursday, July 06, 2006

Are You Sleeping?

The silliest question in the world to ask is...

Are You Sleeping?

If you should be asking the question, the person probably is. If he/she answered, it would probably be an annoyed one.

Just a week ago, I received a SMS from my college classmate to inquire if I were sleeping. Amused, I called her back and told her "Yes, I am sleeping and I am actually sleep-talking to you right now."

Last night, after staying up all Tuesday morning to watch my heart got broken at the very last minutes of the extra time (Boycott Pizzas, I say!), I was determined to sleep through the first half of the Portugal-France showdown.

10 minutes before the start of the eveentful match, my handphone rang but stopped.

Half-conscious, I deemed it as a mistakened call and went back to snoozeland.

5 minutes later, a message beeped loud and clear. I groped around in the dark for my phone. The offending message read:

"Sleeping ah? Not watching match ah?"

Blistering barnacles. Very smart eh, my friend? Rudely woken up already, can don't watch meh?

There are still loads of redundant questions people ask. Maybe I should come up with a list. A recurring one will be 'permission to visit the loo' example. Very often, when shopping with my girl pals, one of them will inquire 'Hey, can I go to the Ladies ?"

For the heck of it, sometimes I would just look at the offender in the eye and say "No."

Anyhoo, I finally roused myself up to join my brother in watching the Les Blues advance to the Finals.

Meanwhile, pardon the lack of updates because I don't have very much of a life besides tottering around zombie-like outside the World Cup hours.


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