Thursday, June 22, 2006


As early as the start of the week, girl pals began sneaking information about a sale at the ever-popular Mango stores. I am not one of those who will rouse myself up to queue for the opening of shops at ungodly hour just to rummage through the stuff and get shoved around, but apparently, there are real hard-core people who will do just that. My brother's girlfriend was one of those and she was waxing lyrical about how wonderful the finds were. I am jealous. However, I am just such a lazy ass. Sleep more important, eh?

Anyway, the shoppers at Mango sales can be jaw-droppingly amazing. It is as if they are braced for war. They are well-prepared, well-strategized, well-organized. They come with allies and work with plans. They are dressed appropriately to facilitate the process of fitting. If there is ever a war initated by a women, men have better beware.

So, being utterly broke with the horrid spending at the start of GSS, I decided to boycott the Mango Madness. When I was supposed to meet my cousin for dinner, I decided Heeren was a very safe place indeed. No Mango outlets in Heeren, yeah?

Even when my mum wanted to purchase items from the book store in Orchard MRT, I chose to walk the route outside, instead of inside the shopping malls. In that way, I will bypass all Mango outlets.

Alas, my flesh is weak.

Heeren got no Mango, but there is a Swatch shop! I ended up buying a ring I have eyed for some time from the Swatch Bjoux Collection.

Bloody hell. Next time want to meet, meet in Tuas okay?


Blogger amos said...

Alas! We're poor together! Haha mango sale is today! Yesterday was member's preview! I think all my friends are crazy about mango la, until even I know everything!

1:51 PM  
Blogger Babe said...

notti gal!!!! *smack*
you should just go shopping with me. You will have lots of fun but won't buy a thing! haha magic :P lol

5:18 PM  
Blogger musette said...

good good, meet in tuas, near my house! *chuckles*

even though i'm not a big fan of MNG, somehow i managed to find 3 pieces of tops during the VIP preview. *hurhurhur* the next day i went to take a look again, it was sheer madness. enough to turn me off in ...1 min?

so as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. in this case, better quality worms.

at the rate i'm spending, i don't even think i'll have worms to eat soon! sheesh.

5:19 PM  

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