Thursday, June 15, 2006

Life is Unpredictable

I was shakened to read the front page news of the Home Section this morning. A 24 year old jogger was apparently killed in a hit-and-run accident within my neighborhood on Tuesday night. He was running at about 10 plus, which is the usual time I begin my running routine. In fact, I am certain we have crossed paths since not many people jog around that time. In addition, I did run on Tuesday night, albeit at an earlier time than usual, around eightish because I wanted to catch the World Cup match.

Sigh. What melancholy news. :(

My parents, who are perpetually nagging at the hazards of running at those late hours are going to be even more paranoid now.

Oh well.

On a slightly lighter note, I arrived home yesterday to a pleasant surprise.

A package!

Woo, I absolutely love receiving packages. Especially ones from abroad! Ain't the packaging pretty? Must be the Godiva Chocolates I am promised, I thought eagerly.

Tearing the paper cautiously, I discovered the contents were...

Green Tea Kit Kat and Salmon Jerky!


Like I mentioned on MSN, next time you ask me for abalone, be prepared to receive er... a can of button mushrooms instead. Although the Green Tea Kit Kat felt utterly mashed and wrecked, it still feels good to receive a gift from somewhere far, far away. I can almost smell the summer Berkeley air from within. Heh. So Gracias, Amigo!

Anyhoo, I brought my domestic helper, Lina, and my mum to watch Cars last night. Have I ever mentioned how I absolutely adore Pixar? My mum fell asleep and wasted my 7 buckeroos. I think Lina had a good time, though.

My favorite character of the film is ...


He is the one on the right. Oh, and I don't even think he qualifies as a car. But hey, I do think he is actually the very under-rated hero of the show. Lightning Mcqueen is too flashy lah. I don't like heroes that are so in-your-face.

After the movie, I caught up with Alan over half-boiled eggs and kaya toast to discuss his relationship issues. Aiyar, that is the problem with relationships. When you have it, you have problems. When you don't have it, you have problems too. Oh, us befuddled mortals!

Damn the teh peng which caused me to toss and turn the entire night before I finally succumb to a very restless nap near dawn.


Anonymous Chessa Kimps said...

I like the way you write though you dont know me in anyway i just thought that id let you be aware of that fact.

11:37 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Oh thanks chessa. :)

12:29 PM  
Anonymous liwei said...

My mum always nagged too, when I go running at nine-ish. Guess must be more careful. Kind of sad to think you might have crossed paths.

1:24 PM  
Blogger yian said...

sad. Be extra careful the next time you jog. Perhaps with a partner?

5:29 PM  
Blogger amos said...

Why never bring me to watch CARS?! My friend works in Nestle and has all kind of kit kat! Haha.

Dong Dong Dong 1 2 3! :)

10:58 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

heh, thankos to all for their caution. I guess sometimes, its fate too. Sigh

Always sad to hear a loss of life, ain't it?

2:25 AM  
Anonymous kookii said...

guido is my fave too!

1:48 PM  

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