Friday, June 09, 2006

The Omen

After much hype about The Omen being the scariest movie my professor has ever watched, I was looking forward to being scared silly at the screening. Apparently, the movie was not very scary leh. The only time I got a shock was when dear Candice leapt out of her seat during one of the sudden aha-gotcha! scene, and grabbed my shoulders.

It kinda reminded me of Final Destination III, especially how photographs can depict the grotesque ways the victims are going to be killed. I think there is a distinction between scary and gory. I don't really like gore, though.


Anyway, as scary as the movie was hyped up to be, there were scenes when I found myself guffawing instead. It doesn't help when you have a movie-khaki who spouts the funniest shite during the movie.

Me: Eh, I bet the mother in the tomb is a dog!

Instead of wondering how a baby can come out of a jackal's womb like all normal people would...

Candice: How can it be!
Me: Why not?
Candice: The name on the tombstone is so long! How can you call a dog Mrs Robertson Hennigan Lauren?! (Name is utterly made up because I do not remember the name on the grave, haha)

Mmm, that sure makes some sense. It would be a chore calling your dog that all the time. Poor Damien. It must suck to have a bitch for a mother, eh?

Nevertheless, I abhor the fact that Damien wasn't killed. I mean, there were seven knives to be pierced into him and they couldn't even get one in? Like, come on! Does it sound weird now that I actually have the urge to stab the young boy myself? I hate movies that give me no closure! Boo!

Right, okay, movie rant over.


After the movie, we went for drinks at No. 5 Emerald Hill. They were having Martinis Special on a strangely busy Thursday night and we had some spanking lychee martinis along with pizza. Mike, the workaholic, was still at work a stone's throw away. He finally left his work behind to join us. Oh, here are some photographs from his phone camera. Doesn't look very sharp, eh?

Oh, the cab driver who took me home did an utterly detailed analysis of the World Cup 2006, which is coincidentally commencing today! Do I even look like someone who is remotely interested in soccer? Gee.

Cabby: World Cup 2006, everybody stays at home. No business lah.
Me: Won't lah. Wives and Girlfriends still go out to shop.
Cabby: Mmm.
Me: And their husbands and boyfriends busy watching soccer, cannot fetch them! So cabbies will have to fetch.

Then, he began his analysis of soccer teams, particularly being interested in the Brazilian Team.

Well, well, I am just looking forward to seeing Hideoshi Nakata. Haa.


Anonymous liwei said...

Yeah, Nakata's THE MAN!


11:52 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Nakata! Nakata! Whee!

11:08 AM  

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