Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mmm.... Weekends

Ah, I would like to start this post by professing my amazement in how self-centered people can get. I do grudgingly agree with Isabelle now that seemingly, a majority of these people are those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Tsk. It exasperates me why I even attempt to think they care enough to share my happiness or sorrow when their lives actually revolve around nobody but themselves. Why do I even bother?! Tell it only to people who matter, silly nincompoop. (Okay, that is a reminder for myself.)

Right. Now, let me talk about my day trip to JB with Eugene. There are, however, no pictures because I totally forgot my underutilized camera. However, I must add that I think I have a knack for going on day trips with guys who are perpetually oversleeping. After 10 minutes of waiting at the Dover MRT platform, I casually sent a sms-warning to Eugene.

"Don't tell me you overslept."

Eureka. My phone rang immediately, with Eugene apologizing profusely. Used to his armful of trickeries, I was half-suspicious of his claims. When it finally dawned on me he was uttering the truth, I was reminded sorely of the time when otterboy and his housemate left me waiting at Downtown Berkeley BART station for a good 1.5 hours because they overslept. Goddamnit. Boys nowadays have no sense of time.

Anyway, having day trips with a friend is always fun, listening to all the gossips and latest updates in his life. Oh, but the best part must have been the cheap prices of the food in JB. We strolled to City Square from the immigrations in the merciless sun, and gratefully settled for lunch at Secret Recipe. Oh, did I add that the prices were half of that in Singapore? My tumeric chicken was superb. Mmm.

Eugene was gleefully planning to bring his potential girlfriends to JB so that he can save costs. Very impressive, Eugene. Why don't you just shift your focus to Malaysian girls instead? Ha ha ha.

So, shop again, I did. It didn't help that my travel khaki is egging me on to enter every shop I was remotely interested in. It didn't help either, that he was asking me to buy, buy and buy. I miss Sandy's rationality and her method of making me feel guilt. Haa.

After much shopping and purchasing of really cheap contact lenses, we went back to Secret Recipe for cakes. "Wah, are we leading tai-tai lives or what?" I quipped, as we tucked into our Apple Cheese and Chocolate Indulgence. Instead of coming back by lunch-time as we planned to, Eugene effectively threw his CFA studies out of the window because we stayed till past tea-time. Oh, and I rushed back to school for my meeting. Woo, so much for tai-tai lives.

Today, I met otterboy who was back from Berkeley. Enduring his nags, we made our way through the very crowded Zouk Flea Market. Gosh. I could hardly make my way through the crowd, much lest look at the stuff at the booths. We copped out and went for sushi instead, before catching Over The Hedge.

Oh, and guess what?

Now, I am back in school, submitting some work.

Mmm... weekends. Bring on the next!


Blogger musette said...

ahh so can i safely say that i didn't miss out on anything special? my sister said e accessories were very ex (but she grabbed a pair of flats for 10 bucks).

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Toukarin said...

I can't believe you were blogging at 5am on a Sunday morning. Amazing.

Heh. I have good sense of time k. Usually it's the girls that make me wait. Not all guys oversleep all the time lah. :P

So got any pirated VCDs to share?

12:24 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

toukarin: I don't think I was blogging at 5am on Sunday morning ley. That's pretty weird. I think its attuned to USA time. And ah, I remembered waiting for you GUYS FOR SKYDIVING. So shuddup ah.. haha

musette: Yah, nothing. I didn't even touch anything to look at. HAHA. The crowds just pushed me along. Bah.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Toukarin said...

Oops. Heh. But I wasn't the driver. And we kinda lost our way I think. =P

Usually if I drive... the arrival time will have an increase of 10% but the passengers will have probabiliy of a heart attack increased by 10% as well. =P

12:08 PM  

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