Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let Me Count the Ways Heavens Mock Me

After being thrown the abrupt deadline two evenings ago, I haven't had much sleep, poring over my work. In fact, I slept at about 4 in the morning and woke up at 6.45 to prepare for some data analysis in school today. I am utterly zombified, braindead, comatosed, whatever.

Just when I thought I was nearly done with my 1.5 spaced, 30+ paged report, I was informed during lunch that there is a limit of 12 pages, double-spaced.

Oh, what joy. That effectively nullifies my 2-nights of effort. Instead, I have to now focus on plucking out the very works I have done. Oh, not to mention, cancel a date with Isabelle this evening. I'm sorry, girl.

Then, as if to remind me of the very afternoon snooze I was looking forward all these 2 days but am missing out on, it started to pour.

And just when I think things cannot get any worse, an email materialized and happily announced a meeting with the professors at 6pm on a Friday evening.



Anonymous Toukarin said...

Hope you're done by the time I post this comment and have a good long rest! =)

10:55 PM  
Blogger musette said...

well well but something good did come out of this 2 weeks suay-streak after all!

though i can't say the same for myself, i'm grateful that you had the car just now so i didn't have to lug the laptop which weigh a thousand tons and other stuff back home myself!

11:01 PM  

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