Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh Brother!

You know, my brother says the darnest things. When we are in the room with each other, we just spout the most nonsensical stuff, bouncing off one another, to see who gets exasperated first.

Last evening, as I was working on the dining table, I casually invited my brother to try a piece of Julius Chocolate Truffle. (I must say I like the rum one alot... mmm.)

Bro: Isn't Truffle a sort of mushroom?
Me: Yeah, an expensive one.
Bro: So, what's this chocolate truffle?
Me: Uh, chocolate lor.
Bro: What's inside?
Me: Chocolate lah!
Bro: Chocolate truffle right?
Me: Yah.
Bro: How come no mushroom inside?
Me: ...
Bro: Why call it chocolate truffle when there isn't any truffle inside?
Me: ...
Bro: I thought chocolate truffle means a chocolate-coated mushroom.
Me: Just eat the damn thing!

See. Spurious and superfluous wandering runs in my genes.


Blogger Julius said...

boo!! the wikipedia definition is horrible..

a chocolate truffle is named after the mushroom truffle because of its look..

taking on that of the spore mushroom.

the dusted coats and sometimes fungus looking appearance.

But i got 2 hilarious definitions of truffles from some chocolate store salespersons recently when i did my market survey...

Store 1)
Me: Excuse me, what is a truffle ah?? what do you mean when u say it is a truffle?

Salesperson: Truffle means its round!

Store 2)
Me: Excuse me, what is the difference between truffle and normal chocolate ah?

Salesperson: Oh, truffle is crunchy lor~

(me and my friend almost died laughing about 1 metre away when we sped off)

8:18 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Interesting, although I don't really think it looks like a mushroom to me.

Still, I won't be very impressed by the salesmen if they gave me that answer.

If thats the case, there are plenty of round and crunchy stuff we can call truffles.

10:23 PM  

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