Saturday, May 27, 2006


Boy, do I feel patriotic. I obdiently answered to the nation's call to spice up the economy with the Great Singapore Sale and woah ho ho, did I splurge once more. Ah, retail therapy does work wonders. I am currently a satisfied girl. Just avoid asking me to accompany you shopping for quite a while, girls. Thanks.

Despite feeling poorer, I still had a date with my dear Cynthia to keep up with on the Friday night. I drove my Dad's new car down to Winebar where Cynthia and her friends gathered.

"Wah, new car ah," quipped the valet as I emerged, staring at the plastic-covered sheets.

"Yah lor, you're only the third person to drive it. So drive carefully okay," I countered, looking as sombre as remotely possible.

It turned out that Cynthia's colleague and his friends were all from National Junior College and they were one year our senior. We spent time reminscing about the old NJ times, recollecting who are the reigning school beauties and other miscellaneous gossips. Oh, have I ever mentioned that I absolutely hate to reveal what I am doing for work? Whenever I meet new people, it naturally comes a stage when the new acquaintances would inquire about your career.

Usually, I would reply,"Oh, I am half-studying for my post-grad and half-working." with practised vagueness.

However, as if for the sake of shocking or entertaining people, some unsympathetic soul would add "She is doing her PhD, you know!" Before I have any time to react, there will be a supreme avalanche of mockery and jokes, not to mention the trail of teases that would last throughout the night.

"PhD! Permanent Head Damage leh!" I get this so much that I have to fight the urge to shove napkins down the offender's throat each time.

People would direct inconsequential questions at me, something along the lines of "Eh, why the Hindis have different colored paints on their foreheads?" When I replied "Like how the hell do I know?", it is the cue for them to holler "YOU ARE PHD LEH!"

Don't get me started on the whole load regarding "YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE A PHD STUDENT AT ALL LAH!" shit. So, you are trying to tell me I look very stupid and dense? Sheesh.

Thankfully, I have attained a zen mode amongst these ridicule. Afterall, it is usually the people who do not know me well making all these gawd-I-am-so-funny comments. Anyway, pictures!

I was having fun, playing finger-guessing games with the gang when suddenly Alan materialized out of nowhere. We chatted for a while and he persuaded me to join his friends at Zouk.

We pondered for a while and Cynthia decided we would drive down to Loof to join her other friends. Right, for another session of PhD-bashing.

Ah well, despite that, I did have quite a jolly time. Especially when one of the guys showed me his Identity Card which displays his real name in full glory "***** SAINT DRAGON"

Now, tell me if that isn't the coolest name?


Anonymous Toukarin said...

Guess you seem to be surrounded by people who have *something* with PhDs...

Actually, I think when I say you don't look like a PhD student, it means that you look much more happening than all the boring professors I see in SoC.

And that's a compliment k. =P

2:46 PM  
Blogger musette said...

saint dragon = shen4 long2?? hahaha

12:43 PM  

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