Friday, May 26, 2006


X-Men is awesome! I totally enjoyed it even though many of my favorite characters died or lost their powers, even though the one scene with the Golden Gate Bridge seemed jaw-breakingly impossible, even though the girl beside me was distracting with her nacho-chomping noises, even though some people groused that it is not tailoring to the actual comic.

I read somewhere pertaining to rumors circulating about a scene after the credits so I cajoled candice to stay on as the movie ended. The crowd slowly dissipated and we became the extremely odd ones left lingering gawking at the never-ending lines of credits. As the last of the credits appeared, we began to feel really foolish when suddenly, a scene materialized. So, hohoho! All was not wasted. Remember to stay till after the credits!

As we were making our way to look for dinner, we spotted m)phosis preparing its shop for a SALE tomorrow. So m)phosis shopaholics, tomorrow is the day! Don't say I didn't warn you.

When we swerved to make our way to the basement, candice abruptly blurted "SALE!" like any true-blooded Singaporean girl. Apparently, GG>5 already commenced its sale. Splurged, we did, again. Gee. Forget about abstaining already.

Anyway, after our unplanned splurge, dinner@TCC went up to smoke. Instead, we decided to budget and dine at Mac's. Unfortunately, as I was trying to balance my tray of food and my bags, I spilled the entire cup of cola on to an unfortunate ah beng. As I embarassedly apologized, he was nice sufficiently to mumble "It's okay."

As I stood there admiring the mess I created, ah beng began to talk.

Me: *Thinks* Please don't beat me up or ask me to compensate your shoes.
Ah Beng: Actually... you can go and ask for another cup of coke.
Me: Huh.
Ah Beng: You just go there and ask, they will give you one.
Me: Really meh?
Ah Beng: Trust me lah.
Me: I quite shy leh.

Anyway, it turned out that you can really get your cola replaced if you spilled it. They don't really check it either! I thought such things only happen in the States. Hmm.

Okay right, go and catch X-MEN!


Anonymous Toukarin said...

Wah... helping me increase web traffic ah. But I so long never update already. And I only write cynical stuffs.

Anyway I always stay until the credits finish rolling whenever I watch a movie... give the producers some credit lah. Doesn't matter if you're the only one left in the cinema when everyone has left.

The drink refill always existed, but only at Mac. As far I know KFC and Long John's don't have such a policy. But usually they'll 'check' if you really spilled it, though most of the time it's kinda obvious.

PS. I will catch X-Men if someone sponsors my movie ticket. =P

(If you're a logician, you'll notice I can still watch it even if no one sponsors my movie ticket.)

3:37 PM  
Anonymous kai said...

very nice ah beng... heheh.. =)

12:07 PM  

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