Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday Dim Sum

Ah, darn the Monday Blues. I woke up abruptly, stricken by an acute bout of Monday blues, more than I ever did this year. Do not attribute it to PMS, because it is not.

But then I thought - Hey, there are million gazillions people in the world who are probably facing worse situations than me, eh? So, I stomped my feet and set my heart in straightening out the root of my blues. Cliche as it sounds, what can't kill me will probably make me stronger.

So, unhappiness aside, there are always little silver linings in clouds to make me smile. For instance, dishes of cold jellyfish during yesterday's delectable Dim Sum Lunch with Grandma and Aunties.

Or, even my nosey Aunties who kept probing "Eh, are you seeing anybody now?" and gasping in disappointment and feigned anxiety when I replied negatively.

Auntie 1: Aiyor , why you so fussy...I introduce my colleague lah.
Me: ...
Auntie 2: Go USA find Ang Moh lah.
Me: ...

Right. Then, there is my perpetually inquisitive cousin, Rachel who insisted on sitting next to me. Although I am not one who goes cooing and ahhing over the sight of kids, somehow kids find it within them to bother me. I have this magnetic power to attract kids leh. (But not hunks. Why ah?)

Rachel kept asking questions and persisting on handling my precious camera. I had no choice but to lie. White lies lah, okay.

Rachel: What is this button for? *Points at camera*
Me: You press it and it will explode.
Rachel: *Shriek!*

Oh yes, the joy of going deaf having people shrieking into my ears.

Rachel says 'ahhh'.

Rachel and Yeelin Jiejie says 'Cheese!'

Rachel started sneaking around with rabbit hands for pictures, including my grandmother who gamely played along.

Funny eh, my ah ma?

The wonders of pictures. One day, I will look back at these pictures with my heart filled with warmth and nostalgia.


Anonymous kai said...

very nice pictures.... =)
wish i had taken more photos with my relatives when i was young like rachel... =)

11:29 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

thank u mr kai :)

1:14 AM  

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