Saturday, May 20, 2006


Look! Look!

The earliest post that can ever be. It's an ungodly 6.11am. I am waiting for my Dad to come back from his morning jog so we can bring Mister Toto for his swim at Sentosa. *Yawn*

I am not quite awake from my 3-hour snooze. Somehow, everything doesn't turn out to what it was supposed to be. Aiyer. Last night's meeting with Isabelle turned out to be an impromptu shopping trip that should not materialize at the first place. I am supposed to abstain. Abstain! After all that shopping spree in USA and HK, I should not be spending anymore!

Feeling poorer than ever, I was somehow persuaded by the guys who called up to ask me to join them for some drinks (Weak spirit, weak flesh! Bad girl, me). I accompanied Eugene for his dinner at the coffeeshop, requesting "Eh, hang out here can a not ah?"

Much to my chagrin, the rest of them appeared and turned up their noses at hanging out in the coffeeshop. We ended up at Walas, where I split most of my drinks on Lewis and played silly games where I was forfeited into picking a guy up.

Aiyer, next time just hang out at coffee shop can?! Save money and save face.


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