Friday, May 12, 2006

Vesak's Day Eve

After my little cousin left me for her date, I decided to give Sandy a beep to sound out how she was spending the public holiday eve. "Come and join me and Kevin. We're just gonna chill," she said.

Sounds good. I trudged over from Wheelock to Paragon where Sandy rang me again to inquire my whereabouts. "I'm reaching!" I assured her.

As I approached the destination, I suddenly saw Sandy holding a huge bouquet of flowers. Uh oh, I thought, this is not right.

Me: EH, how come got flowers one?!
Sandy: *Looks perplexed*
Kevin: Er, do you want flowers? I can get you some too.
Me: Er..
Sandy: ....
Me: I'm going to the toilet.
Sandy: Me too.

Awkwardly, we made our way to the loo. The Ladies is the perfect place for us females to bitch about males, hatch plans to kill men and oh, to discuss about how cute certain members of the opposite gender are. HA HA, yeah right. I am only kidding. But hey, it is a good place to spill secrets that should be kept from the men.

Sandy, flustered as she is, was at a loss of what to say. Well, I could only say I felt like the biggest gooseberry in the whole wide world right there and then. The right thing to do is to skip right out of the picture.

"Don't worry about me!" I patted Sandy on her back. "Go enjoy your date!"

With that, I scooted off into the crowds of Orchard road. Admittedly, I do feel a mix of bittersweetness. On one hand, I felt excited for my friend. On the other, I felt a little lost because of the throngs of people in town, yet I haven't the slightest idea what to do. Sigh. What's more, it is the antsy time of the month and I was really feeling rather under the weather. No flowers to cheer me up some more. Sucky, sucky.

So, I plugged in iPod, my other trusty companion and shopped around Orchard. You know, shopping is really out of my agenda because I am kinda broke from all the USA-HK trips. I was fighting the hell with the inner demons, trying to rationalize NOT purchasing any unneccessary items.

Just when I thought I was losing the battle, my handphone rang. It was Eugene and it turned out they were at Wisma Indochine! Woohoo!

So, I joined them for some drinks and we caught up with one another at the company of pleasant live-band music. As MH was deciding on his second drink, I trawled the menu for some chocolatey concoction and decided he should have a "Buttery Nipple".

I was daring him to say "Can I have your Buttery Nipple" to the waitress but in the end, a waiter turned up instead and I had to order it. Bleah.

I think I have a discriminating picture of him licking the butterscotch-soaked cherry. Hmm.

'Tis a stormy Vesak's Day. I've just finished the Life of Pi. It is pretty good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

for life of pi, i read like half of it and got a very strong feeling that the book was gonna cheat me of my feelings in the end and so i went straight to the conclusion and i was glad i did. :) otter

1:48 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

did it cheat you? It didn't cheat me, though. I pretty much enjoyed it. Why would it cheat you in any way?

10:13 AM  

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