Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Minor Grousing & HK Anecdotes

I dabao-ed (read: packed) lunch back to my lab just a while ago. Since many students have completed their examinations, I was delighted to see NO QUEUE at the Western Food stall. I promptly went up to the-funky-red-haired-auntie-who-takes-orders who possesses this most amazing ability to forget your orders.

Anyway, she proceeded to shortchange me by a dollar. Upon arriving in my lab and opening my boxed lunch, I realized my order of sambal dory has no sambal. So, as I nibbled on my 50%-incorrect lunch, I wondered about auntie's performance on a busy day. If it is so dismal on a slow-business day, it must be alot worse on a busy day. Be forewarned - Science Canteen, Western Food. Remember to emphasize the SAMBAL if you order Sambal Dory.

Right, so I supposed I should write about my last days in California and the pathetic dreary days in Hong Kong.

The last days in California were mostly spent eating. In fact, I think I am so obsessed with food that Sat, one of the new Canadian friend I met, mentioned my photographs were all of food. Guilty as charged. The last Sunday was spent nursing hangovers (for dear Shuling), last-minute hurried shopping, before meeting Nigel and Sat for one last dinner and drinks (coffee, of course. No more alcohol for Shuling, hahaha).

I went back to Berkeley on Monday, enjoying a very delightful French lunch at Gregoire. You know, what I miss about Berkeley is those really small, quaint cafes by the street. I can so sit in one of those little benches, with my takeout, armed with a good book and bask the day away in the cool breeze and warm sun rays. Although I did enjoy my lunch, I do think my initial preference of calamari still seem like a better option. However, ZH dissuaded me from ordering that, only to see someone else seemingly enjoying that very dish! Grr! Now I will never know how it tastes like! Sigh.

Dinner was again, at a quaint little district. It is one of those neighborhood with pleasant little shops, cosy bistros, pretty street lamps, right out of a storybook. I think my Vongole Linguini at this Italian eatery was absolutely fantabulous.

Next day, it was a 15-hour flight to Hong Kong. On board the flight, I was at an aisle seat, one seat away from an ang moh guy named Marshall. Marshall, a very knowledgeable man, proceeded to keep me entertained (and awake) for like 80% of the entire flight, by showing me pictures of his travels to talking about technology. At the end of the flight, he was surprisingly energetic, excitedly urging me to keep in contact. I, on the other hand, was one very jet-lagged and spent girl with zilch amount of sleep.

Hong Kong was quite a terrible trip for me because I had a deadline for 2 papers and I spent most nights awake trying to meet the deadlines. The only touristy thing I completed was to go up to The Peak and viewing nothing but endless fog.

The other Hong-Kongy stuff I did was to consume loads of dimsum. I ate dimsum every day I was in Hong Kong.

If that isn't dim-sum overkill, I don't know what is.

Right, so that marks the end of my working vacation. I so need a next vacation to motivate me! Ugh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In an alternative universe, the post might have read, "Due to some bad advice, I got the cold calamari which tasted horrible. Now I'll never know how the other items taste. Sigh..." - "Celery eating" ZH

6:29 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Eh, well, but we will probably never meet our alternative selves, so let's stick to the one in the entry. Ha.

11:19 AM  

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