Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Los Angeles Part 2

Continuing from Saturday's adventure, I was roused from a deep slumber by my mom's call at an ungodly morning hour.

Mum: Why are you still sleeping ah?
Me: Because it is 730 in the morning!!!
Mum: Oh, 730 am already ah. I thought I must add 3 hours. It's minus 3 hours ah?
Me: I jet-lagged leh! Not enough sleep.
Mum: Sorry ah! You go back to sleep lah, ok?

And thanks to mummy dearest, I was one of the first to awake. I washed up, changed and packed. ZH was similarly ready in a while and all we have to do then was to wait for otterboy to get his ass moving. After many clucks and pillows-bashing, the mother hen in me finally got him crawling to the bathroom.

Before we headed towards Universal Studios, we decided to get a really hearty breakfast to avoid the murderously high prices of food in the themepark. The guys decided to get some at Ihop, an apparently popular breakfast joint in California. Now, have I ever mentioned that a complete array of breakfast food is just the recipe to make me whoop with joy? When I was living alone in Berkeley, I would whip up elaborate breakfast meals of eggs, bacon and waffles just to cheer my lonely self up. So, imagine the euphoria in feasting my eyes upon the absolutely delicious trays of aromatic bacon, ham, cinnamon toast, crepes, pancakes and whatsnots.

Yums. So with our appetites satisfied and otterboy having his enough-to-justify-the-cost number of orange juice refills, we drove down to the Universal Studios.

Unlike Six Flags Magic Mountain which were filled with adrenaline-rushing thrill roller coasters, the Universal Studios was alot more tame and milder. Nothing scares nor excites me. Perhaps after Six Flags where ever single ride was a roller coaster, no other themepark can provide that adrenaline rush anymore. Still, the Universal Studios was fun in another sort of way.

Most of the features were mostly movie-style or themed. That means most of the times, you would be watching the screen and having your seats jerked around, water sprayed on your face, and furry stuff running through your feet to emulate the feel of creepy crawlies. There were studio tours to show the different production sets from War of Worlds to Desperate Housewives, special effects performance to display the different behind-the-scenes techniques, and oh, let's not forget the Fear Factor live competition which otterboy insisted on watching.

The first feature we went to was unfortunately the worst - The Van Helsing.

Don't be fooled by its impressive facade. It is actually a feature where you have to walk (oh, actually I meant stumble) through in semi-darkness. For some reason, the 2 guys decide to let me walk up front and I do believe I suffer from semi-blindness. The whole place was as dark as night, I couldn't see anything and I was trying to keep up with the couple in front of me. In fact, I think I shocked the performer who was supposed to scare me because I couldn't see where I was going. It was the most ridiculous.

Still, despite my initial reservation, the other features were thankfully much, much better. Again, more photos here!

My dinner was miserable. Cuban food is totally NOT my cup of tea. The black bean soup was an utterly disgusting sight, and the boiled bananas... are just... ew.

Finally, we embarked on the arduous roadtrip back, garbling along the songs, discussing about random stuff, gossiping, dozing off (not for the driver, thankfully) and slapping people around for nonsensical statements. It was exhausting, but on hindsight, a memorable experience.

Now, I am back in Berkeley, and having relate my work to my professor over glasses of wine, I am once again, piled with work.

Ah, work. I shall work hard.


Blogger Babe said...

Gal, I passed my nail test :P hehe..you don't have to be my nail model liao hahahhaha....doo i hear sighs of relief?? haaaa

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Blogger jellybeano said...

YAY! WELL DONE! Do I get a treat?!

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