Monday, April 10, 2006

Pro cast i nate?

Well, well, well. My USA trip is in 3 days' time and I haven't prepared my conference slides. Well done, me. The biggest procastinator that could ever be. I am utterly disgusted with myself. And look what I am doing now? I am blogging. This is akin to looking at Death in the face and telling him "Wait har, before I die, let me blog."

Before you mistaken me for some over-zealous blog addict, I am not. Simply, I am just looking for outlets to vent my procastination. It is like "Ah, before I start on doing work, let me check my email. Ah, let me go to the loo. Ah, what else is there left to be done? Ah, yes, blogging." and so it goes.

Anyway, the past weekend has been rather eventful, in a rather bad way. It seems that everywhere I go, disasters are sure to follow. As one of my friend put it,"It seems as if trouble looks for you!" But that is another story to tell, so I will leave it for another day.

Meanwhile, did you know that the coach rides from Malaysia nowadays are like wayyy cool. The one I took cost about 55 ringgit and they have a stewardess welcoming you on board, draped in a pseudo SIA costume. Before the journey started, she stood in front mumbling some gibberish. I was half-expecting her to perform some sort of emergency procedure like the ones of flights. My seats were lush and comfortable, with massaging features even! The best part is the plentiful leg space. I totally dig that! If only United economy seats are this comfortable. Sigh.

Halfway into the journey, the "stewardess" started sauntering down the aisle, asking for us to take out the tables from the armrest. Tables?! I must be some frog in the well because honestly, I have never sit on any coach rides that start dishing food. True enough, she started handing out packs of food and bottles of water. It was really funny, eating on a bus.

Okay, I shall abruptly end this procastinating attempt.


Blogger yian said...

wow, back to CA? All the best in your conference =) So you will be graduating soon huh?

How I wish I'm in CA now... then you will be my FIRST blogger fren that I meet in person =D

6:40 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

thanks my dear. You can come down to CA if you have time, but I guess you should be busy with school right? I will be there till early May. :)

9:40 AM  
Blogger yian said...

I will be in CA on mid May for a 3-day seminar =( Arggggghhh....

10:45 AM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

aw shucks. Hmm, thats really too bad. Perhaps you can read my other friends' blogs who are based in CA and then meet them then! :)

11:14 PM  

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