Monday, April 03, 2006

Of Falling Toenails Conspiracy and Whatsnot

Just during Chinese New Year this year, my right toenail decided it has enough of sticking out with me through my jogging regime, getting rammed ungratefully each time against those darned shoes. As it hung precariously by the thread of skin, I tried everything from band-aids (to keep it in place) to sheer will-power-staring (to will the skin to grow and hold the damn nail back). Alas, none could work and I hence decided to pull it out in my exasperation.

Now, my right toenail is on a good track to recovery. However, after my jog last week, I examined my sore toes to discover the left one has decided to die too. Hooray, just when I thought I could have 2 toenails intact, one of them decides to play punk. Now tell me if this isn't a conspiracy between my toes in protest. All right, toes, you win. I will get new shoes real soon.



You cannot imagine the truckloads of work awaiting me. I spent the past 3 days doing nothing except to sleep, eat and play. Karma is just lying in ambush to pounce on me as the Monday arrives. And there you go, Monday is today. Oh, joy joy.

Ah, it is also the 3rd of April. The day my brother was born 29 years ago. Happy Birthday, Bro.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hur.. but everytime i read you complaining about your toenails i will start to wonder how you bear with those pain? then still can go jogging with the toenails like that... i think not about willpower liao ley. it is sadistic already. hahaha

anyway wah so fast! one more yr to 30's leh your brother. when is he planning to get married? haha


10:19 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Hm, thats weird. I swore I left a comment in reply to yours, but it disappeared! Hmm, freaky.

Anyway, my toes are sore. But toenails kena ripped off no feeling one ley. Don't know how come. Skin dead already.

As for my brother ley, I think he's not planning to marry yet ley. Too poor lah. You want sponsor ah? :P

9:52 AM  

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