Monday, March 27, 2006

What's the Model Answer?

On Saturday, a guy pal I haven't see for the longest time called and asked me along to the gym. Since I had an appointment already, I told him we should go on Sunday instead. Ever since he has gotten a new job and a new girlfriend, it was really hard grasping hold of him so I looked forward to catching up with him.

Alas, on that fateful day, he texted me to apologize and call the gym session off because he had to placate his girl. The last time we met for gym, he was so worried that his girl (who was coming to meet him) might see us together that he packed his food for takeaway when I thought the three of us could just sit down and have a good meal.

Anyway, this time, the girl was mad because he had obviously bungled on his answer to the most puzzling question on earth - "Do I Look Fat?"

It was very amusing reading his sms anecdote. Apparently, the girl asked him if her thighs were fat and he stupidly agreed subtlely, continuing to make matters worse by saying she could be gaining weight because of her diet.

On another occasion, they went for supper and he, again, stupidly suggested she should just get a burger while he ordered an entire meal. Although the action seemed innocuous enough, the girl must have mistaken it as a hidden agenda and an insinuation that she is fat.

So, according to my humorous friend, there was lightnings and thunder abound, and till then, there was no clear weather and he would have to go and pacify her.

Is there a correct answer to that, he queried.

Personally, for people I am closer with (and I would think a boyfriend is one of the closest), I would appreciate honesty and frankness. But of course, I am sure the honesty needn't be that brutal. He could always cushion it in certain ways like...

"Dear, you look fine the way you are. But if you want to look better .... "

You know, it is just part of the packaging.

Anyway, my poor friend got quite flustered and decided he should just shut the fuck up the next time he encounters such hazardous situation once more.


Anonymous Toukarin said...

A paragraph from Her World magazine I read like 8 years ago goes like this:

14 things guys hate about women - No. 11
There's no correct answer to the question: "Do you think I'm fat?" when it's asked by a woman. "No" means "Yes", "Yes" means "Yes" and even "It doesn't matter", surprisingly, means "Yes".

Well, it was quite a stereotyped definition, but hey, it's in a female magazine.

Yeah, I guess your friend should keep quiet and not answer the question next time.

3:03 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

HAHA, thats freaking funny. Its a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. Man, you guys have it bad.

Sometimes, I can't figure out women myself!

8:32 PM  
Blogger xiang said...

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