Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Marching By

Gasp. Looky, it is March 21st already.

I wish March would pass slower.

Ah, the novelty of my new toy hasn't worn off yet, unfortunately. All day, I have been sniffing around for potential candidates who are patient sufficiently to endure my camera-tweaking. Sadly, most of these candidates are either inanimate (because they cannot protest mah), or unable to protest much like Mister Toto who throws me a victimized look (Not that stupid silver gadget which emits red-light-that-hurts-my-eyes again?!) each time I whipped up Mister Ixus.

Oh, even Lina, my domestic helper wasn't spared. However, I think she kinda enjoyed having her photos taken. As she was walking Mister Toto to wait with me for my accursed bus, I asked her to pose for some eye-candies.

Me: Smile leh, Lina.

She broke into a smile, but it didn't look happy enough.

Me: Lina, you're not smiling lah
Lina: I am! I am! (Muttered through her clenched smile)
Me: No you're not.

She started giggling. So I snapped away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell your maid she can join america's next top model! :D /tob

2:57 PM  
Blogger jellybeano said...

Ha! Cool, she would be happy to hear that!

12:17 PM  

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