Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cranium and Shopping Madness

I think I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. I have just came back from playing Cranium at the Settlers Cafe in Holland Village. Apparently, Cranium is a game that test a combination of skills. You would need sculpting skills to mould play-doh, drawing skills to doodle (eyes closed or not), general knowledge for trivia, mathematics wizardary for problem sums, lack of tone-deafness for whistling/humming tunes, hollywood-worthy acting skills for charades and imitating famous persons, word-processing skills for anagrams and fill-in-the-blanks... Heck, we even had to spell 'UNNECESSARY' backwards with only one try. Oh well, it was really fun watching friends trying to imitate Marge Simpson, mould a LOBSTER and learning the word "osculate" actually means "kiss affectionately" (Like WTH?). GO BUY CRANIUM! Ho ho.

Prior to gaming, we had a light dinner at Breko's after a mad shopping spree instigated by Candice. Ahh. Retail therapy feels good. The bad news is: the digital camera might have to wait now. Heh.


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