Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Demons & Angels

Firstly, I like to thank the very kind people who spent time enlightening me on which camera to purchase. I seldom splurge a big amount of money on myself, the last big-ticket item being my Acer Laptop which was really bought for the utilitarian needs of work overseas. Now, a digital camera just seems really hedonic and the logical side of my brain (also known as the Angel) is just screaming "You Extravagant Bitch!"

Of course, the irrational demon often surfaces to squelch poor logic and that explains my many impulsive buys. Sigh. Seemingly, in times of stress, the wars waged within me are often won by the demon. I get impulsive. Reasoning and Logic fail me. And guess what? I am currently extremely stressed. Ugh.

Last evening, I went with a friend to eat XO Fish Head Bee Hoon. I haven't had that for the longest time and it was part of my MUST-EAT list I noted while I was starving alone in the shivery temperatures of Berkeley. Strangely, all the stress must have screwed up my appetite and I ended up eating much lesser than I would like to.

After dinner, we went to check out One@ Rochester Park just a stone's throw away. The place was pretty crowded for a weekday. It must have been all the hype from the newspaper's reviews. I do detest to visit a place immediately after a public review because I hate crowds. Still, it wasn't too bad and the atmosphere is pretty goood. Although everyone else was looking posh and chi-chi, I felt quite at home in my flip-flops and fisherman khakis. Heck, I think I can even walk from my home here in shorts and singlet. My house only 15-20 minutes walk away leh.

Anyway, with the wine and chatter, I temporarily felt the stress seeped away. The dreadful part is when it all ended, I reached home and thought "Man, back to the shite hole tomorrow."

And here I am. :(


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