Friday, March 03, 2006

Paiseh Man...

So, I had a Vietnamese student assistant come consult me just a while ago regarding some data collection. "Call me Hiep," he said. "Hiep," I repeated, mentally visualizing how I can shout out his name in a crowd without people thinking I am actually being robbed. (HELP! geddit, you nincompoop?)

Anyhoo, I was showing Hiep how I collected my data 4 years ago, employing very primitive java programming and manual data entry. There I was, trying to figure out my old codes and tweaking them, he sat there patiently. I proudly showed him how I used shorthand to manually key in my data from reading the big bulky journals.

He tried his best to look impressed, before meekly elucidating how he actually write a program to read in the data from PDF formats of the journals, image files as well as HTML. Oh man, I feel historic and useless listening to him.

So I told him,"Hiep, you don't need my help (Puns absolutely intended) lah."


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