Thursday, February 23, 2006

Farm Dinner & Pseudo Root Beer Float

Last night's dinner was at a farm, which was quite hidden from civilization with the canopy of trees, shrubs and whatsnot. With the abrupt swerve into is compound (off Maju Camp), it was as if the world has transformed instantly from a hustling-bustling crowded metropolitan city into a lazy kampung village, complete with shrieking poultry.

Ah, yes. Shrieking poultry. I find it wildly disturbing to hear, feel or see my food alive before consuming it. I am the sort who loses my appetite should I see the entire carrion served before me, especially so if the head is intact. So, if the roast chicken/duck or suckling pig is presented as a whole, don't mind me if I politely decline the dish.

The whole time I was there, there were birds shrieking. As the place is famous for its Zi Bao Ji (Paper-wrapped chicken), I could not help but imagine those shrieks were actually yells of "THAT IS MY BROTHER YOU ARE EATING, YOU BITCH!" as I unwrapped the oily paper concealing the pieces of chicken. Of course, my friend assured me that the source of the screeches were from their pet parrot. But you have to be there to comprehend how mildly disturbing it can be. I wonder how the other patrons continued their meals with nonchalance.

Nevertheless, it is again, a nice welcome from overcrowded restaurants in our little overcrowded city and the farm is surprisingly well-known among people. Except for me, as usual, the little frog in the well. Apparently, my neighbor in Singapore has been there. So did my (ex-) neighbor in Berkeley. Thus, if you are looking for a rural eating experience, you can head over to this place. It is quite a stone's throw away from the main road, leading towards Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Dessert was a pseudo root beer float. The last time I had the real thing was in A&W's in the Bay Area after skydiving. I think A&W is somewhat near extinction in Singapore. Or is it already extinct? It serves the best Root Beer Float, don't you think?

Anyway, my neighbor had his friend and me over at his place for a while and he mixed us Bailey's with Coke and Ice Cream (which tasted like Root Beer Float). Ah, the pleasure of having good neighbors. I used to wish Sandy would stay just opposite or beside my house so I could crawl to her room via the windows. Hmm, oh well, I don't think the nice Peranankan family next-door nor the Hairy Ang Moh and his SPG across are going to move out anytime soon, though.


Anonymous Toukarin said...

The last time I heard... A&W is permanently gone from Singapore already. The last one in the East Side (forgot where) closed down also...

Can still buy A&W canned root beer and get Mac's ice-cream to create Root Beer Float... =P

4:26 PM  

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