Sunday, February 19, 2006

Too... Much ... Alcohol

On Friday afternoon, Reuben proffered a free entry pass to Phuture on Saturday night because his friend's friend was spinning.

Me: Okay, I'll go if I can grab a friend.
Reuben: I have only one pass! Your friend might have to pay.
Me: Mmm. All right. I may go after my ah gong's birthday lah.
Reuben: Make sure you reach before 11pm.
Me: Otherwise ...
Me: Your friend spinning might turn into a pumpkin?
Reuben: Yah.

Since Friday's night of exploring Villa Bali wasn't fulfilled (one group of them decided to watch a movie and my brother took a bath so long, I fell asleep and decided to back out when he called, much to his utter disgust), I decided to go ahead with Reuben's offer.

Slightly before eleven, I met Reuben and his friend, Wanling. Apparently, it is her friend who was spinning and the people around were sort of from the Law sector. Wondering if I have made the right choice in turning up, I pondered upon accepting my brother's offer to fetch me to join him at Dbl-O.

However, it got better. It was 11pm and the start of the one-for-one promotion. Reuben ordered 2 jugs of vodka rebull and 2 glasses of apricot brandy ("What kind of sissy-ass shite is this?!" he exclaimed indignantly) We chatted as I finished 1 glass of apricot brandy and 2/3 jug of vodka redbull. This, plus a few sips of red wine at my grandpa's birthday earlier, started to provoke a little bit of inebriation.

Ian arrived and he, too, ordered 2 jugs of...

Me: Apricot Brandy!
Ian: Wow, this tastes really good!
Me: Of course. It's for girls. Girls like sweet stuff.

Reuben and friend appeared with a tray of 24 shots of ...

Me: What's this?
Reuben: Illusion.
Me: Wow, another sweet drink!
Me: Seems to me you all are buying sweet drinks that are used to trick xiao mei meis...
All: Wahaha.

I downed about 4-5 shots of Illusion and we made our way to Zouk Members area where I sat with people whom I don't even remember their names.

Ian: Who are these people?
Me: I have no idea.

It was weird, but fortunately, I had Ian to yak to about Berkeley since he graduated from there. I had a sip of Whisky water which tasted like shite too. In fact, anything with whisky tastes like poison.

Soon, we made our way to the dancefloor for a while before heading back to Phuture. Reuben decided he needed Whisky Crystal desperately and it is only sold at Zouk Members. Back, we went again. Four of us shared the jug of jellied concoction while blabbering incoherently. Occasionally, Wanling will point out a "hunk"...

Wanling: Eh, check that guy out.
Me: Where?
Wanling: That one with the specs.
Me: Huh...
Wanling: Wow, I love geeks.
Me: It's so dark, how do you even tell.

And that reminds me how ridiculous it is for people to want to hook up in clubs where you cannot even view a person's features clearly because (1) the lighting is bad (2) you are probably too intoxicated that even Barney (the dinosaur) looks attractive. Besides, the music is so loud you probably cannot tell if the other party's personality is as flat as a bulldozed-something. So there.

Wanling decided to buy a round of Sex By the Beach. 2 more shots added to suffer my poor overworked liver. Out of nowhere, Reuben the joker grabbed a bottle of Johnny Walker from the bartop and commenced to coerce innocent people into drinking the vile contents. Unsteadily, we made our way back to Phuture.

It was almost 330am then. I decided I should return a favor and buy them a round too. I asked the bartender for recommendation and he whipped up a round of tasty Apple Shooters. Nice way to end the night. We finished the 24 shots and made our way home.

How Wanling and Reuben managed to drive home after so much alcohol remains a mystery.


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